About a month ago I posted about some samples of products I've been trying. As I'm curious and forever looking for the perfect products for me, I have a fresh bunch of samples I've been trying lately and I thought to share my first impressions with you again. Shall we?

Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba Eau de Toilette

Sample: 1 ml, it was enough for four uses.

This eau de toilette is simply awesomeness. I already love Omnia Crystalline and it has been my absolute favourite summer scent for the past ten years. None of the other Bvlgari "Omnia" versions have convinced me -I've tried them all- until I recently discover Omnia Paraiba.
This fresh and fruity fragrance has the power to transport me, I close the eyes and I'm instantly on vacation in a tropical destination. But, all of it still being chic and sophisticated. Although it will not replace Omnia Crystalline for me, it really comes close, 
Ok, I suck describing scents so I did a little research for those fragrance savvy:

Olfactory family: Floral -Fruity
Top Notes: Bigarade Orange from Curaçao - Maracuja
Heart Notes: Passion flower - Gardenia from Brazil
Base Notes: Cocoa Beans - Vetiver

My first impression: A pure delight! I NEED it.

Diorskin nude Concealer

Sample: 2 ml It was enough for 8 uses
Shade: 002 beige
Claim: Skin perfecting hydrating concealer. Eye treatment + concealer
Scented: yes

First of all, the shade of the sample is too dark for me, it also has a slightly pink undertone. It has a creamy texture that feels very lightweight and comfortable to wear. 
Its coverage is light to medium, and it can't be built. It sets to a matte finish even without powder on top and it is not as light reflecting as I like my under-eye concealers. That being said, it has a blur effect. The effect is very natural looking and almost imperceptible. I have also tried it over blemishes and small imperfections and I love it for this purpose. In my opinion it could totally be used on its own without foundation for a perfected "no makeup" day.
As an eye treatment, I have tested it without any eye cream on and for my dry skin is not moisturising enough, so it does not replace my eye products. For other desired effects, this is really not enough product to see an improvement and judge if it really works.

My first impression is: Very Good! I think combination skin ladies will love it.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Accelerated serum

Sample: 1ml, enough for two uses
Main ingredients: Algae extract
Claim: Activates the repairing power of skin, antioxidant
Scented: yes

Very light liquidy texture, as it is expected from a serum. The product has a bit of an iridescence, which contributes to give the impression of a brighter complexion. The serum sinks in immediately upon application, it does not feel rich nor moisturising. It is not at all tacky and leaves the skin very smooth, feeling almost mattified. Which I think is a big plus for summer and high temperatures.
I notice there is quite a bit of silicon among the ingredients, which I do not really understand for a serum. I prefer serums with less silicon (or none).
My dry skin did not suffer lack of moisture during the day when I used this. Of course, in two uses I couldn't tell whether my skin regenerating power was boosted. 

My first impression: not bad, not terrible. It could do it for combination to oily skin or/and, extremly hot weather. But I would skip on it.

Biotherm Aquasource Everplump

Sample: 1ml, enough for two uses
Claim: hydration, fine lines reduces by "plumping" effect.
Scented: yes

The texture is a firm cream, but not rich, more like a pore refiner primer. Maybe even thicker than that. It spreads very nicely and pleasantly on the skin, that doesn't surprise me because it has lots of silicone. It sets quickly and it smells delicious. 
It feels mattifying, again a nice option for combination skin type, although it is indicated for all skin types. It doesn't give the impression of great moisture at first, so it is a nice option for summer and hot weather. My dry skin did not feel any lack of moisture while I used this. It's nice for summer, but I don't think it would be enough as all year round moisturiser.
Because of the presence of so much silicone, I wouldn't use it at night. But it works very nicely under makeup. 

My first impression is: not bad. Hot weather friendly, so IF Summer ever arrives in Switzerland I'll keep this in mind.

Benefit cosmetics They're real Mascara

Sample: 3.0g
Claims: "lashes beyond belief", not very clear to me.

The first time I used this mascara I hated it. The applicator is stiff plastic with flexible long thin plastic spikes on the sides and some kind of rounded shape with spikes on the tip. As Givenchy mascaras NOT. Totally awkward applicator for my taste, it is loaded with excess product and it takes quite some effort to make it work. The lashes kept sticking to each other, clumping and leaving me with the "I've got 5 thick lashes" look.
The only reason why I kept trying to make it work was: I actually paid for this! It was in a set I bought from Benefit, it wasn't a free sample! And also there was so much hype around this, I really do not understand. After several days the formula got better, in the sense of manageable, it gave me separated and defined lashes, but it still took a bit of work to build the volume and length I wanted.

My first impression: hated it. I do not recommend this.

Dolce&Gabanna Passioneyes.Duo Mascara Curl & Volume

Sample: 2.75ml, it was enough for around 20 uses (!)
Claims: gives curl and volume to the lashes

Hands down one of the best mascaras I've ever tried. It has a curved plastic applicator with little spikes that takes the right amount of product. I never had to wipe the applicator! Hence, there is almost no waste of product. The formulation is perfect for my taste, not too liquid nor too dry. It separates lashes beautifully, gives them volume and holds the curl like is nobody business, and never ever clumps. It lasts very well, but it is also easy to remove, which is great for my sensitive eyes.
I wish this was available in Switzerland, but unfortunately, it isn't :(  So I will put this in my wishlist for my hubby's next trip ;)

My first impression: AMAZING! Go get it.


Those were my "first impressions" for the samples I've been trying this month, to give me and you some idea of the products.As I say, some idea is better than none!

What about you? what have you been trying lately? Do you get samples of products to test? Are you curious about new things or just stick to your staples? Let me know everything in the comments!!


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