Hello, lovelies! Happy hump day!
I'm here to chat a little about nail art with you. I know I haven't posted a nail art in about 10 days! But that is about to change because I have received this little all-clear stamper with a cap from Born Pretty Store, and I can't stop creating stamping nail art!

Do you remember how excited I was when I reviewed my first "clear stamper here? Well, just doubled that excitement. Because just when I thought stamping couldn't get any better, they still come up with an improvement. Check the shortest video in the history of nail art tutorial-reviews to see how easy it is to use this baby!! (Watch in youtube for HD quality)

The new and improved clear stamper is COMPLETELY clear. Not only the silicon head is clear, the whole body is clear as well! That makes it even quicker to use and easier to reach accuracy in your designs. The plus factor here is the cap! Yes, it serves multiple uses, not only it protects the clear silicon (known to be delicate) when you store your stamper prolonging its wear life, it is also a genius idea to protect your work in progress while you are doing stamping decals or reverse stamping. Protecting? from what? pet hair, glitter, dust, and all those kind of things you can find in a beauty's blogger desk/table. Also, if you're anything like me, and you accidentally drop your stamper with the design that took you 15 min to do... with the cap you're covered! LOL

The stamper also comes with a clear flexible scraper (the "credit card" kind of scraper) which I really like. It took me a while to realise how to use it properly because I'm used to no-flexible scrapers. But now I think I got enough practice with it I really enjoy using it.

One thing I've noticed while testing the stamper with different plates is that it definitely works better with deeply carved designs. I did not get perfect results with BPS plates :( but with Mouyou London, Bundle Monster and Uber Chic plates, the performance was flawless! Just keep that in mind if you only own BPS plates.

I am loving with this new stamper, much more than the previous clear one!. The Clear Jelly stamper with cap is on offer now for 2.99 USD (instead of 4.59 USD) which is a great price for this tool!  Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase (applicable to not discounted items)  by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

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I hope you've liked this review. Please, leave your feedback in the comments, it's always much appreciated!

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