brightening anti dark-spot skincare routine

With my last pregnancy, over a year ago, I got some hyperpigmentation on my face, also known as "mask of pregnancy". While I'm not terribly obsessed with these spots -I still hope they will fade on their own with time-, I thought to use some specific skin care to help the whole thing go away. I started looking more into brightening and anti-dark spots skincare and today I would like to share with you the products I've used. Keep reading to find out!

Last spring, around May, when I stopped breastfeeding my daughter, I supposed the hormonal changes following the weaning would help my hyperpigmentation fade and I changed some products of my skin care routine. It took me so long to write this post that all the products are finished by now. I decided I would take advantage of this fact to write a mini review of each one of them, so this is like a Special Edition of The Empties post! :D

I decided to try a Caudalie set called "Overnight brightening set" which consisted in a full size Brightening serum, and two deluxe sizes of a Glycolic peeling and a regenerating night cream. I used up all of them. For this routine I did not change my cleanser and toner of that moment which were from Clarins, and you can check them here.

Evening routine products:

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting (30ml)

brightening anti dark-spot skincare routine: Caudalie Serum

I applied this serum morning and evening over my cleansed and toned face. 
It is a milky serum, that is supposed to lighten dark spots and brighten the complexion. It leaves a pleasant sensation upon application, it takes around 3 minutes to sink into the skin and it feels a bit tacky at first. But one it sets feels very lightweight on the skin. The first week, during my night skincare routine, I only used the serum after cleansing and toning, without adding any other skincare product. I wanted to test it I could notice any difference on my skin. My first impression was positive, my skin looked more radiant in the morning, very hydrated and plumped. But there was no difference at all on my dark spots. I concluded the serum needed more time to do something to my skin and also probably be combined with the other two products. 

Caudalie Glycolic peel (25ml)

brightening anti dark-spot skincare routine: Caudalie Glycolic Peel mask

This is a glycolic peel mask, it has a creamy consistency, you apply it and leave it on for 10 minutes -avoiding the eye area- then rinse it off and continue with your evening skin routine. It is preferable to do the peeling in the evening so that you don't expose your skin to the sun (or daylight) right after. This deluxe size lasted me surprisingly long. I used the mask twice per week, and it was enough for about 6 weeks. The mask does not tingle, itch or burn at all, but as usual, if you have sensitive skin, you might want to test in a small area first. I had never used a glycolic acid product before and I was afraid it would dry out my skin, but this wasn't the case. This mask is very gentle and after removal, it leaves a very nice sensation of clear soft skin. After repeated use I noticed my complexion was brighter and the skin texture improved a lot, my pores looked smaller and the whole face seemed really smooth.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Cell Renewal night cream (10ml)

brightening anti dark-spot skincare routine: Caudalie Renewal night cream

This cream was my absolute favourite from this set. I would apply it in the evening after cleansing, toning my face and having applied serum. It has a thick texture that feels rich but not greasy at all. It is very comfortable, it gives a great level of moisture to my skin and leaves it feeling baby-butt-smooth and soft. Unfortunately, the 10 ml only lasted for two weeks, but it was during those two weeks where I saw my hyperpigmentation getting lighter, and the general condition of my skin at its best! So I would say the three products worked best together.

After I finished this sample I continued using the serum and the peeling for other 6 weeks and replaced the Caudalie night cream for the Gattinoni Snail cream in my evening routine, which is also good for cell renewal.

Korres Wild Rose Advanced brightening & nourishing face oil

brightening anti dark-spot skincare routine: Korres Wild Rose face Oil

After about 4 weeks with the above products in my skin care routine, I decided to add an Oil with vitamin C from Korres. This was my very first experience with a specific face oil, so I was excited and a little apprehensive, but above all, I did not know what to expect. My skin was already in a good condition but this oil took everything to the next level.
The Korres Wild Rose oil would definitely need a review by itself and it shall have it, I promise. By now I will say this oil has ultraconcentrated vitamin C, fatty acids and antioxidants, which help brighten the skin.  It smells delicious and gives my skin a natural radiance from within. I could not compare it with anything since it is my first experience with an oil. I can only say that I usually have such a shitty problematic skin, started getting compliments, even my bestie asked me "are you pregnant" LOL. So this oil has hit the Holy Grail status for me!

Day skincare routine:

La Roche Posay Pigmentclar SPF 30

brightening anti dark-spot skincare routine: La Roche Posay Pigmentclar SPF30

In the mornings I would cleanse and tone my face, apply the Caudalie Serum and I figured I would need a day cream with SPF. I remembered I had one from La Roche Posay sitting on my shelf, so instead of spending in one from Caudalie I decided to go with this one. 
Pigmentclar is a very nice day moisturizer, it has a lightweight almost milky consistency, and it is conceived to address pigmentation problems. It is an anti pollution, anti UVB SPF30 anti UVA PPD15 and antioxidants (Gingko + ferulic acid).  It can be used on the face, neckline and hands, but I've only used it on my face. I only used this cream for a few weeks because I switched my routine to test some other skin care with SPF I had for review. While I cannot say to which degree this cream is effective because it is adviced to use it for 8 weeks together with the Pigmentclar serum, I can say I don't have any negative remarks about it. It was moisturizing enough for my dry skin, even on its own (without using a serum beneath), and it works perfectly under makeup -which not all creams with SPF do.


As a final note, I must say that during this routine I had the longest period of "good skin" of my life -excluding my pregnancies when hormones delighted me with exceptional baby skin for 9 months. In the about 8 weeks on this routine I had not once had a breakout, and I usually have hormonal breakouts every single month (ugh!). My hyperpigmentation seemed to fade during the second and third weeks -when I used the Caudalie night cream- but then it reached a point of stagnation. Yes, my skin was exceptionally good and pretty flawless, but the dark spots are still there.

What's next? After my summer vacation and after a few weeks testing stuff for the blog, I'm now about to change my skin care routine totally! Yes, even the cleanser and toner. Or, like the lovely Melissa said I'm about to OVERHAUL my skincare routine ;), haha. I will keep the suspense, though, and you will have to be patient to know what it is about. I can say all the products are new to me except one. I will be back to you in a month or so!

What is your current skincare routine? Have you ever experienced hyperpigmentation, melasma or sun spots? Do they bother you? Do you use any specific skincare to appoint this issue? Have you visited a specialist on the matter? Don't be shy, spit it out in the comments, your experience could be helpful for others (and me)!