Sep 6, 2016

Nail art │ The Manicure Saver cotton claw pen [review]

The "Manicure Saver" cotton claw pen from BPS

I love doing nail art and stamping designs on my nails is absolutely my favourite part. BUT, (there is always a but) the problem with stamping is cleaning the stamping plates and other tools you may have used, without ruining your manicure. I tell you girl, if you are into nail art you know the struggle is real. If you struggle with this too, then it must interest you Manicure saver cotton claw pen by Born Pretty Store!* Continue reading to find out how this weird tool changed my nail art game ;)

I'm so glad Born Pretty store sent me this sample for my honest review, because I can't even tell you how many times I ended up runing my manicure trying to clean up things with a cotton ball dipped in acetone! I never tried anything similar, but, man, when I saw the Born Pretty Store launching it I immediately thought: I need this in my life.

The "Manicure Saver" cotton claw pen from BPS

As you can see, this tool looks exactly like a pen. It is made of stainless steel, so it is quite sturdy, you can use it with acetone or other solvents, the thingy is going to resist! Also, it is a very practical detail the surface is textured, in that way the grip is very secure, this is definitely not going to slip off your hands even if they are wet or even if your wearing gloves.

But, how does it exactly work? The principle is very simple: you push the button in the back (you need to apply a certain pressure) and it will push a wire claw on the tip.

The "Manicure Saver" cotton claw pen from BPS

The "Manicure Saver" cotton claw pen from BPS
Then you approach the open claw to a cotton ball, and release the pressure on the button.

The "Manicure Saver" cotton claw pen from BPS

The claw will immediately retract while holding the cotton ball, and you can be sure that cotton ball will not go anywhere! The holding power is really strong, I imagine the spring inside is also very sturdy and probably also made off stainless steel.

The "Manicure Saver" cotton claw pen from BPS

Once you've gripped your cotton ball, you can dip it in whatever solvent you use and clean whatever you want! I even removed my toes nail polish without ruining my manicure!

The "Manicure Saver" cotton claw pen from BPS

Oh, I forgot to mention the Manicure Saver also comes with a bag of 100 pieces of cotton balls too :)

The "Manicure Saver" cotton claw pen from BPS

Whether you are into nail art, or you hate ruining your manicure when removing your pedicure, this is a very practical tool, which is also very affordable! The Manicure saver cotton claw pen + bag of cotton balls currently retails for 4.99 USD but you can choose to have only the  Manicure saver cotton claw pen for 2.99 USD at Born pretty storeRemember you can have 10% off of your purchase  by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

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What do  you think of this product? would you use a product like this at home? Have you already tried a similar one? Let me know everything!!


*Press sample. The opinions expressed are exclusively my own.

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