Hello sweeties! Happy Friday!
It's time for nail art! As the Halloween date is approaching I thought you'd like to have some inspiration for your nails. I will have some new designs next week, but in the meantime, let's take a look at my past Halloween designs, I'm sure you'll find something you like!

I have compiled 10 of my Halloween nail designs, and they're listed in order of skill needed to achieve it. I leave you a link on each desing so you can see the materials I used and the all the details on the execution.

1. Halloween water decals

Nothing is easier than decorating your manicure with water decals or stickers. This is the manicure for beginners (and lazy) halloweeners :) Check the Halloween decals at Born Pretty store.
Find the link to original article here.

2. Evil Jelly pumpkins

This design is either Beginner or intermediate. You need to paint your nails with a jelly orange and either stamp (beginners) the evil faces or paint them free hand with a thin brush and black polish.
Find the original article here.

3. Candy corn nails

This type of candy is typical of Halloween and quite easy to achieve on the nails. This is a nail art for beginners! Follow the instructions on my simple tutorial here.

4. Spider web and Fimo decoration

Spiderweb is another design for beginners! It is very easy to achieve and you can also decorate it with fimo spiders or with charms! Read the original post here.

5. Ghost accent manicure

Ghosts are great option for halloween as they can be cute or terrifying! This manicure cute accent is very easy to achieve for beginners, you only need black and white nail polish and a small brush. Check the directions on the original post here!

6. Sugar skulls layered stamping

Sugar skull is another very cute and typical motive for Halloween nails. This time, you can achive a cool manicure that is still quite chic by superposing different colored stamping sugar skull motives! See the instruction by clicking here.

7. Glowing green reen Monsters

This manicure is of an intermediate level of difficulty. It requires a green nail polish and painting faces on it with a thin brush. Find the instructions on how to achieve it here.

8. Jack'o Lanterns manicure

This is an intermediate design that requires two colours and combines two techniques: gradient and stamping. The gradient creates a very interesting atmosphere for the images stamped! Check the Halloween stamping plates here and the original post here.

9. Graveyard scenery manicure

Graveyard scenery is one of my favorites. In this case, It is an advanced manicure because it combines a 5 coloured gradient evoking sunset colours, and stamping a scene. You need several colours and mastering of gradient technique to achieve this type of mani. Check the materials used on this one in the original post here.

10. Hot Cauldron manicure

This is an advanced manicure, but not terribly intricate. It combines sponging technique and free hand painting. Also several colours, one of them very sparkly, but the result is quite cool to compliment a Witch costume!! Read the original post with directions here.

I hope you had enjoy the 10 ideas for Halloween nail art! Are you going to do something special for halloween? which of the 10 designs is your favourite? Let me know all down in the comment section!