Oct 14, 2016

Nail Art │ Blue and Silver stamping with embossed effect [NEW CHALLENGE!]

Blue and Silver stamping with embossed effect

Hello, my lovelies! Happy Friday and happy new nail art challenge!
Last week I was wondering how I was going to find the inspiration to fill every Friday nail art post, when all of a sudden I found out there is a new Challenge launching today! This is the "26 Great nail art Ideas" challenge and it will run every other Friday for one year. I am so excited!

Shall we begin?

I like that this challenge has a lower frequency, every two weeks, that leaves me some room for REQUESTS! I already have three nail art and nail care requests that I will be fullfilling everyother Friday, when the challenge is not on. One of the requests was to do Halloween nail art designs, another one was about my nail care routine, one more asked me how I dealt with half broken nails and someone asked for a tutorial on a specific manicure. Do you have any other request? If so, please, let me know in the comment section!

Blue and Silver stamping with embossed effect

Today's prompt for the nail art challenge is "Silver and Blue". I decided to do a technique I haven't seen around and I discovered a little by accident. This is Stamping with embossed effect. It is a VERY simple technique, but you definitely need some specific material to achieve it: three colours of nail polish (that would be good for stamping too, a clear stamper, a scraper and a stamping plate.

Blue and Silver stamping with embossed effect

As a base, I used Zoya Mallory a beautiful blue cream completely opaque in one single coat. Then I stamped over it using white stamping polish and Born Pretty Store plate BP-104. I then double-stamped the same image slightly supperposed, using silver polish, so that the two colours would form some kind of "shade" and give the illusion from afar that your design is embossed! For achieving the double stamping, you will definitely need a clear or see through stamper.

Blue and Silver stamping with embossed effect

There are of course millons of possible colour combinations that would work for this same look, so do not hesitate to give it a try!!

Please, do not forget to pay a visit to my challenge pals listed here below.
Have a wonderful weekend!!


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