It's official, I am a total sucker for Chanel's seasonal makeup looks. Yes, yes, I might be an educated consumer, but when I see the double C launching a new Collection, well, I fall for it over and over! Although I managed to go through the Summer (and the summer sale) without splurging in any high end LE collection, I just couldn't resist the New Chanel Le Rouge n°1 Collection for Fall. I got two items and I prepared a look featuring them! Want to see more?

Chanel Quadra eyeshadow in #268 Candeur et expérience, I simply love this quad!! The shades are all matte, but not in a chalky way. They are smooth and buttery, they have a slightly satiny quality, without stopping them from being wonderfully velvety. It allows you to achieve a subtle smokey and it is perfect for an everyday look with a very chic and contemporary vibe.
This is not a limited edition item, it will make it to the permanent range, although it is not a "tissé" as the formula is not baked, just pressed. I am happy I haven't waited to get it, because I can now sport the trendy reddish brown on my eyes this season :)

Illusion d'ombre in #128 Rouge brûlé is the second Item I got. This is bold, without ever stopping from being chic. I think anyone who loves warm bold colours will fins his/her happiness in this eyeshadow. It is pigmented, intense, bold, chic, and it look terrific on every skintone (specially on deep skin, if you ask me).

Rouge Brûlée is a burnt orange, not extremely deep, it does not seem to have shimmer, but it is not matte at all. It has a beautiful sheen to it, almost metallic, but not at all frosty. It is difficutl to explain!

I obviously couldn't wait to put these two babies into action, and I prepared a little makeup for you. I wanted to wear this for the day, so I tried to blend the colours as much as I could and came up with the softest smokey eye ever, with the trendiest fall shades!

You can click to enlarge and see my flaws how lovely is the finish and how forgiving with older skin like mine!

On the lips I am wearing an older Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick - #105 Inimitable- which is a satiny red with gold shimmer, and  I think it is the perfect colour for Christmas, but I guess it is discontinued. If my budget allows me, next month I might be getting one of the wonderful and new  Rouge Allure Ink matte! Which colour should I get?

What do you think about this look? I'm quite liking the fall vibe in it!
Now, what about you? Which are the brands you simply cannot resist? Is this new Chanel Collection speaking to you? Let me know all in the comments!