Hello Sweeties! How is your weekend like so far?
It's been terribly hectic around here, so I'm unusually posting on a Saturday hoping to catch up with blogging a little. Today I have a review on the last items I got from Born Pretty Store and they are all nail art related! I'm reviewing the new Born Pretty Store silicon mat, the cutest stamper with scraper set in a Christmas theme and two awesome stamping plates! Keep reading to find out more about them.

BORN PRETTY Silicone Stamping Mat 

I'm so excited I finally own the small stamping mat from Born Pretty Store! This is not my first silicon mat. I already own the Bundle Monster one in two sizes and I use it every single time I do my nails, so I kind of know what I can compare it to.

The Born Pretty Store silicon mat comes in two sizes I got the smaller one, which is 21x15 cm. A great size to work on small surfaces (like the one I usually work). This mat does not only protect your table from nail polish/acetone/remover/etc., but it also serves a whole lot of other purposes! You can swatch on it, try different stampings, make your own stamping decals, or practice our nail art before actually doing it on your nails! 
It is super easy to clean, and it has something my other mats don't have, which is the reverse surface is not porous so that it holds firmly to the surface on which you're working! Thumbs up for that. The porous silicon mats catch dust much easier, hence they tend to slide more easily. This problem is solved with the new Born Pretty Store mats. I love it and I have already ordered the bigger one!

The mat comes in a super chic cilinder box which I love! Unlike the -bundle Monster one which comes in a square box and I need to fold it to store it, the born pretty Store one cna be easily stored by rolling it up, avoiding tearing up the silicon.

The  BORN PRETTY Silicone Stamping Mat 21*15cm retails for 5.99 USD instead of 10.99 USD at Born pretty storebut only for a limited time! That is a great price, you know you can't miss this opportunity. 

BORN PRETTY Christmas Nail Art Stamper Starry Sky Silicone Head with Scrapers Manicure Nail Art Set

This cutesy stamper set is the best gift for a nail stamping addicted! It comes in a cute clear plastic box decorated with stars and snowflakes (so much cuteness). Inside you can find two plastic card stampers also decorated with snowflakes and one stamper.
The stamper is so good!

The handle is metal and the silicon head is white with sparkle, super squishy and slightly sticky (its diameter measures 4cm approx.) . The handle is painted glossy black and decorated with golden Christmas motives, how freaking cute (and chic) is that? There is another handle option to choose from: a Black one with white snowmen designs, and 5 different silicon head colours to choose from, all of them are sparkling! 

The stamper picks up flawlessly, It is one of the best silicon stampers I own! It is not as easy to stamp with as with the clear ones where you can see exactly where you place your design, but it stamps designs with such a high level of detail that the result is much better than my clear stampers!
I think it is great specially for stamping whole nail patterns, you are sure you'll never miss a spot!

The BORN PRETTY Christmas Nail Art Stamper Starry Sky Silicone Head with Scrapers Manicure Nail Art Set  retails for 3.59 USD instead of 8.99 USD at Born pretty store, or you can get one handle and 5 silicon heads for 9.59 USD, or the two handles with five silicon heads for 11.59USD.

BORN PRETTY  Rectangle Stamping Floral Design Image Plate BP-L053

This plate was a surprise for me! I haven't order this among my samples but I'm very pleased to have received it, because it is one of great quality! I have tried it with several types of nail poliyh and different stampers and scrapers and it works just perfectly! The designs are very well etched and the variety is huge. There are 17 different full nail patterns in only one plate! 

I've done the following test on my nails and was very pleased with the result.

On the above photo I stamped using my cheapest drugstore metallic polish, the Christmas stamper and scraper I showed you further above and the result was simply flawless!

The BORN PRETTY Rectangle Stamping Floral Design Image Plate BP-L053 is currently on sale for 2.99 USD instead of 5.99 USD at Born pretty store, which is a great deal for 17 different images!

Harunouta Rectangle Nail Art Stamp Lace Snowflake Design Image Plate L008

This is my first rectangle stamping plate from the brand Harunouta, but I own a set of 10 small round plates that I love. I have only tried this plate once with white stamping polish and the stamper reviewed further above, so this is more like a first impressions rather than an in-depth review. I was quite satisfied with the result but not wowed.

The images are very well etched and I loved the mix between lace and snowflakes!! But I think the lines are carved too largely, so that too much polish go in them (or maybe is it a problem with the nail polish I used or I haven't scraped away the polish enough? I don't know but I have the impression that the lines stamped are not as neat as I hoped they would be. Like if too much polish was flooding the dedesign and making us miss some of the tiny details on it, does it make any sense? Maybe if I used a less dense polish or a less flexible scraper things would have been different. Alas, I had not much time to test several times this plate so I'lll leave you with my first impression.
Let me know if you would like an update on this particular plate and I will complete the info when I try the plate again.

The Harunouta Rectangle Nail Art Stamp Lace Snowflake Design Image Plate L008 currently retails for 2.99 USD instead of 5.99 USD at Born pretty storebut only for a limited time! There are also many other stamping plates to choose from ! Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase  by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

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Do you like stamping? What do you think of these items? Which one is your favourite? Wouldn't they be the perfect Christmas gift for a stamping fan? Let me know everything!!


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