Watches are quite important for me, they are both a fashion accessory and a little piece of engineering, which is exactly what makes them so fascinating to my eye. I own a very eclectic ensemble of time pieces, a small watches collection I have amassed through my life, where each piece has a special meaning. Would you like to see it?

As I tell you, my collection is rather small, but every piece has a special meaning to me. Although the collection is very eclectic, they all have something in common: the Swiss Made label. As I live in Switzerland, in the very epicentre of the Swiss watch industry, my mother in law has worked and my husband curerntly works in the watch industry, I cannot but feel proud about it!

RADO Switzerland: My first watches

Rado is a medium to high-end Swiss watch brand that belongs to the Swatch group. Their watches are characterised by using innovative high-tech materials, combining durability to sleek and minimalistic design. I have two watches from this brand that were my first love.

My very first watch was a RADO Switzerland Coupole in grey and gold with a quartz movement. My mother in law gave it to me for my first Christmas in Switzerland in 1998. Yes, this watch has nearly 20 years and not one single scratch! I have worn this watch 24/7 for about 10 years. The watch is not made of steel but of high-techch ceramic and sapphire crystal that makes it completely unscratchable, so it will never lose its lustre!

My second watch is also a gift from my mother in law for my 26th birthday. This RADO DiaStar has a rather bitter-sweet memory attached since it was her very last birthday present to me before she passed away.
For that matter, I haven't worn this one much, although I love how tiny and feminine it is. The patent leather strap makes is so delicate, I especially like and how it perfectly compliments my Autumn outfits (I'm fan of brown rather than black leather in Autumn, gosh knows why!).

MOVADO : My most Stylish watches

MOVADO is an American brand among the most popular of the high end watches brands in United States. Their watches movements and designs are made in Switzerland and my husband has worked many years in their offices here in Biel. That meant of course VIP entries to Friends & Family sales!
My Movado watches are definitely the most stylish and fashionable I own. I consider them more like jewellery, bracelets, than watches themselves.

My first one from this brand is a Movado Esperanza 84 H5 1400, in stainless steel and a black dial, has the tiniest hands ever! This was a gift from my lovely husband in his very first trip to the U.S. in 2007. It is for me very difficult to read what time actually is in this watch, but let's admit it, the bracelet is so fancy who could possibly care. I usually wear this watch when I go out to have fun and I am not really concerned about knowing what time it is 😃😃

I got my second Movado in a Friends & Family sale in 2008 and it was love at first sight. It is a MOVADO Ono 84 E4 1856 in Stainless steel with diamonds, sapphire crystal frame and mirror dial. I got it as a self gift to celebrate I had got a new job that year. I absolutely love this watch and consider it like a fancy bracelet that also knows what time it is. I used to love wearing it when I dressed smart for a business or job meeting. Now as a mom of two I don't wear it much, as I am forever worried it could get scratched or something.

But my most used and loved MOVADO watch has to be the MOVADO Museum classic in stainless steel and leather strap, all black, including the dial. The frame is in sapphire crystal too, so this is safely unscratchable. I got this one in 2011 in a Friends & Family sale when I got pregnant with my first child and I've worn it daily until recently. I love how stylish and minimalistic it is! It is appropriate for every occasion, I can wear it everyday when I'm in jeans and also when I dress up. I definitely think everyone should have a similar watch!

EBEL Luxuy Swiss Watches: My most precious watch

Ebel is one of the old family-owned Swiss watch companies. Their watches have custom made movements, even the quartz ones, and luxurious designs. My loving husband got me the Ebel Beluga in Stainless stell with diamond frame and pink mother of pearl dial for my 30th birthday and it was such a huge surprise! I consider this watch like a precious jewel that will be part of my heritage to my children. I keep it in a safe and only get it out for special occasions and festivities. I love everything about this watch!

Lacoste: My sporty watch

Lacoste is what we know as a "Licensed brand". What fashion brands usually do is partner with a watch manufacturer and put the aesthetics and the brand name to the watches. Since 2006 Lacoste watches have been manufactured by Movado Group, who makes Swiss made watches. This little Lacoste chronographe is so practical and sporty! I love its off-white frame and patent leather strap that makes it a little fancier and more feminine than most sport-cronograph watches. The arms and the numbers of the watch are visible in the dark too, which is actually very convenient. This used to be my foerver go-to summer watch for about 6 years!

Swatch: The revolution in the watch Industry

Swatch brand is the symbol of my city (Biel) the brand was created here and it still have its main manufacture here. I have lived in Biel for 15 years and never owned a Swatch watch because I judge it "too young". A couple of years ago my husband started working for the Swatch Group and I discovered the brand more and more, only to find out how wrong I had been all my life. In 2015 Swatch launched their first Automatic movement watches called "Sistem 51", which are definitely small pieces of high tech engineering at the lowest price you will find. I love these watches so much and they are so affordable that I already got three in my collection!
These automatic watches are the proof that Swatch never stops revolutionising the watch industry.

The Swatch Sistem 51 "White" is the more fun and young looking watch I own. It is very versatile, as it has a silicon strap and it is water resistant, it is my go-to watch when I work out or practise sport. I also like to wear it to the beach, but being careful because this one shouldn't be sunk in the water. I love wearing white watches in Summer!

The Swatch Sistem 51 "Black" is what I have been wearing for the past months. I love that it has matte leather strap, and it is so precise! It never ever loses or gains one second, even if I decide to wear another watch, the automatic movement keeps working for 3 days on a row, that's actually very impressive as most automatic watches stop 24 hours after you take them off.

The Sistem 51 "Beige" is the fanciest and my favorite! The pale beige leather strap makes it super trendy, while the black dial gives it the fanciest look. You would never guess it is a plastic case, but it is!! I admit I don't wear this watch very often as the light coloured leather is actually a bit delicate and my children are not. So I reserve it for wearing it when I'm far from the children! LOL.

That was it peeps, what do you think of my collection? Do you also own many watches? Which brands are your favorite? Do you own any Swiss Made watch? Let me know all in the comments!