Hello Sweeties!! Anyone excited for the long weekend ahead? I am! What are your plans for the holidays?
Today I'd like to share with you my thoughts on the NYX Cosmetics Ultimate Shadow Palette #04 Brights. I got this lovely palette last year for Black Friday, so a review about it is long overdue. What is this palette like? Is it good quality? Was it a worthy purchase? Keep reading to find all the answers!

Last year NYX Cosmetics launched a new range of eyeshadow palettes containing 16 colors each. There are four (4) palettes: "Warm Neutrals", "Cool neutrals" (both being more like "naked palettes"), "Smokey & Highlights" (which is basically a smokey looks palette) and "Brights" which is the one that I'm reviewing today.
As you may imagine I have many nude and neutrals palettes and smokey palettes, so the only one that interested me in this range was the one with bright colors. I was very excited to try this palette which looks like a rainbow on a case, and I wasn't disappointed!

The quality of the eyeshadows

The pigmentation is good to very good. All the colours show distinctly over my skin, there are no "dudes" but some colours are definitely more pigmented than others in this palette. I find they all blend nicely and evenly, it doesn't take much effort to blend them, which is a good point for me.

The texture is soft and nice to work with. Some colours are very creamy and a dream to apply, most of the colours are a bit powdery when you pick them with a brush, but I haven't noticed any fall out when applying them on the lids, which is a good point too.

With a primer, they last put for 10+ hours, after which they fade a little. This is more than enough for me, but of course, it is not the best out there.

My overall impression is a very good product for my private use that I would definitely recommend. Are these the best eyeshadows on the planet? Certainly not. Pigmentation on some colours falls short and the staying power is good but limited.


Here is "Rainbow look" I did using only the shades in the palette. Please noticed I also used white eye pencil in my waterline and in the inner corner of my eye to add luminosity.

Who should buy this palette?

I would say this is a good product if you'd like to experiment with bright colours and do not want to pay an arm and a leg for a palette. You get a good variety of colours for only 18 USD.

To bare in mind

This is not a "stand-alone" palette. All the colours in this palette are medium shades, which are usually used as main eyelid colours. This means that for creating different looks you will need some darks and highlight colours and some transition shades as well. If you already own a palette with the basic neutral shades, the Brights palette is an excellent option to add pops of colour to your looks!

Bottom line

I'd like to say that I've enjoyed a lot using this palette and it has become one great option for my participation in the Monday Shadow Challenge, which is a makeup challenge with colour themes. I have now plenty of bright colours to use!

So, how do you like this palette? Is this something you would like to purchase? Do you like adding pops of colour to your looks? Or maybe a total-colourful look?

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!!