Hello sweeties!
I get a lot of little jewelry treats from Born Pretty Store as I often cumulate points in their BPS points system when I upload pictures or reviews to their website. Through the months I've collected a few rings that I now would like to share here because I find them really cute!

Snowflake shaped adjustable ring

I got this snowflake ring before Christmas and thought it was so cute for the occasion! It is also a bit similar to an Edelweiss flower si I think is equally suitable for Spring. It is made of silver plated & rhinestone and it easily adjusts to any size. It currently retails for 4.99 USD and it is available here.

Silver and blue zircon three pieces set of rings

This is three pieces set is the most elegant from all the rings I got from Born Pretty Store. It almost looks like the real thing! There isn't much detail about the materials, It is silver metal, and has clear and blue zircons. I've been using it a lot and it hasen't changed color or lost its shine. It currently retail for 5.64 USD and it is available here.

Silver Butterfly and rhinestone adjustable ring

I find this so adorable, I also think this could be suitable as a gift for a little girl too! So cute and delicate, besides it is adjustable to all possible sizes. It is made of alloy and it is silver plated. It currently retails for 3.26 USD and it is available here.

Silver adjustable ring with double heart and rhinestones

Another adorable ring and super shiny metal! It is made of alloy and it is silver plated and the bigger heart has rhinestones in it. It currently retails for 2.29 USD and it is available here.

Gold flying wings adjustable ring

I love these golden wings! It is a super cool ring made of alloy and it coes either in silver or gold. It is adjustable, but at the minimum size it mesures 16 mm of diameter, which is very large for my thin fingers (most people will be ok with this, though). I like to wear it on my index finger, as it is my thickest (even my thumb is thinner than 16 mm, lol). This ring currently retails for 0.99 USD and it is available here.

Golden spiral ring starfish shaped and rhinestones

This ring is so versatile, I love that it can be worn in different ways. It comes either in silver or gold, with different motives: starfish, butterfly, flower and five points star. This ring currently retails for 1.69 USD and it is available here.

Do you wear mostly expensive or affordable jewelry? Would you wear a ring like this one? Please, leave your feedback in the comments, it's always much appreciated!