Hello, my sweet pies! how are you doing? I am sooooooo very happy (don't ask why ;) )
I couldn't post my manicure for the 26 Great Nail art Ideas challenge yesterday, so I'm doing it today a little late. I didn't want to skip the appointment because I thought the theme was pretty cool! Today prompt is "Water" and I came up with a super fast manicure done in under 5 minutes!! I hope you like it :)

For this manicure I was at lost at first, I had only very little time to do it and to think about it. So here is what I did: I revamped my silver manicure that I showed you here! So I have already my silver crome base which was done with two coats of  Born Pretty store Silver sword nail polish.
Then, I simply took a stamping plate with a cool design that reminded me of "water" (because that is the theme of the Challenge this week) and three different shades of blue.
In this case the plate is Bundle Monster plate BM-XL210 which has very cool designs imitating water marble technique (because ain't' nobody got time for that) and the three blue polishes I used are BPS stamping polish #9, Moyou London nail polish Beach house, Turquoise mint. They are three shades from light to medium which will give a little more dimension to the design.
I proceeded to stamp the same image in three wsuperposed layers, each with a different shade of blue. You can still see the silver peeking beneath the colours which gives a beautiful effect to the manicure!
Finally, I sealed the manicure with one coat of glossy topcoat and that was it!!

I hope you like it :) I find this design super appropriate for a beach vacation or for swimming pool season! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

Have a beautiful weekend!