I quite like KIKO Milano as a brand because their prices are affordable and many of their products are of a fairly good quality. I have already shared with you some other products I bought from this brand here, but those were mostly from their permanent range. However, it seems that many brands don't put the same effort into producing their limited edition products. Seriously, some would just focus on the packaging and the marketing images while the actual products are just dudes.  So, I thought I would pick up some limited edition items to see how I liked them. Keep reading to find out what I think about these products I've picked!!

Did you know that Biel has its own Kiko Milano makeup store? I think it opened last year, right before Christmas, while I wasn't in town ;) I came back from my vacation and there it was!
In my local KIKO store, there are two limited editions still available, Tropic Heat and the Spring 2.0 collection (which is almost gone and had a few items on sale already) with a gorgeous pearlescent white and light green packaging. I must confess that -put aside the gorgeous packaging- both collections seemed kinda "meh" to me. That could also be because I already own SO MUCH makeup, that a collection needs to be really original and of very good quality to ignite my curiosity.

I entered the store because I was curious about the Kabuki brush as it seemed I could get good use from it and I also wanted to check if they had some nice white liquid liner (after the disappointment NYX white liner was). Well, I ended up getting a new mascara and a highlighter as well, as you know, those two are like staples to a gal. 

KIKO Milano 3in1 Kabuki brush 

I walked in the store for this brush, I had high expectations and this did not disappoint me. It is a with synthetic bristles that feel really soft despite this being a very dense and firm brush. I wanted mostly to apply bronzer and blending contouring powder to the frame of my face and under my cheek bones, and this makes it much easy and fast than other round shape kabuki brushes I own. It did not shed or lost its shape when I washed it for the first time, which is a good sign!
This is my first kabuki brush with a flat and long shape, and if you like your contouring and bronzer flawlessly blend in a flash I recommend you to get one. Other brands have similar brushes, but this one seemed quite affordable at 22.90 CHF (23.50 USD approx). Besides the handle is pearlescent white and the tips of the bristles are tinted in turquoise, HOW could this be more beautiful? I don't know...

KIKI Milano Extreme volume Effect Mascara kit

Of course, I couldn't walk out without a new mascara to try because that would be very impolite in a makeup-junkie-world (LOL) I asked the store girl which one she recommended me for volume, and she recommended me this kit. Which was, of course, the most expensive mascara of the whole store. I didn't mind because at 19.9 CHF (20.50 USD approx.) it is still as expensive as most drugstore mascaras in Switzerland (Revlon, L'oréal, Maybelline, etc). Besides, the concept seemed interesting enough to give it a go. 
The kit includes a tube black volumizing mascara and a second tube with "white fibres" that are supposed to make your lashes look more voluminous and feathery. We've seen similar things before, so this is not totally new in the makeup world. I was shown to proceed with a "sandwich application" as I like to call it, like so: black mascara-white fibers-black mascara. I noticed the fibres did not set, no matter how long I waited before applying my black mascara on top, And that those fibres tended to stick to the wand of the black mascara making the whole concept totally useless. So the result was a very black mess. I don't think this even beats my 4.50 CHF Essence volume mascara in terms of volume. It does stay put nicely, it separates my lashes and it is very intensely black, but it does no more than a regular mascara. So, I don't recommend it, too much of a hustle for no added value.

Tropic Heat Eye Marker in 01 Freshness white

My absolutely favourite felt tip BLACK eyeliner of all time has to be KIKO Milano signature marker. Which was, unfortunately, a limited edition. I figured that I would go safe picking this white eyeliner, although the swatch did not seem very opaque, I supposed I could build it with several coats.
This felt tip white liner is definitely MUCH better than the NYX cosmetics white liner, which on me was a total fail. the tip is soft and flexible, and super precise. This would be great to make fun doodles and details for an artistic look. But it is definitely not as opaque or as intensely white. It also takes very long to set and the risk of transferring to your eyelid is inevitable, unless you set your eyeliner with white eyeshadow which I urge you to do, especially if you'll be wearing this with colored eyeshadow as I did. I would definitely recommend it because it is the most affordable in the market (7,90 CHF) and it is not bad at all if you set it with powder. Besides, that quality of "not completely setting" is ideal to be used as a base liner that you can turn into ANY colour you wish only applying shadow on top. I will shortly show you how to do that in antoher post I'm preparing.

Tropic Heat Highlighter in 01 Natural gold

Oh for the Lord-of-all-highlighters... this is sooooooo good I can't even describe it. It is a gel like a formula that goes smoothly on the skin (apply before powdering please) and can be customised from a subtle sheen to a OMGoodness-beaming-glow that still looks pretty natural on the face.
You know I do prefer my face highlighter very subtle, and this is perfect for that touch of cool toned gold (yes, yes, no yellow undertone to this, for all the neutral and cool-toned beauties out there). I am not one to reach for a highlighter on a daily basis, but this baby I could use it every day, as it is not powder It won't set on your fine lines or pores, so it's perfect for us beauties over 30 which no longer have a porcelain complexion.
I think for 9.90 CHF you can't go wrong picking this one or its peachy mate.

This is my "Tropic Heat" inspired makeup Look using the products I mentioned above

Other products I used for this look:

Face/ Visage:
- Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer #020 Light Beige
- Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation #010 Light Beige
- KIKO Milano Highlighter in 01 Natural gold

- Urban Decay primer potion
- Makeup Geek eyeshadow 
- KIKO Milano High pigment eyeshadows #20 #28
- KIKO Milano Tropic Heat eyemarker 01 white
- KIKO Milano Extreme volume effect mascara kit


Those were my picks, I am quite satisfied with them, 3 great products out of 4, still, I will use the mascara because it is not bad at all, only not so special. I still have one more product from Kiko Milano to show you, but this time is a skincare item, so I want to test it a little more before I share my thoughts with you. 

What about you? do you like KIKO Milano limited edition collections? Have you picked something from the recent spring and summer releases? Have you tried any of the item I described above? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!!