Hello, sweeties! How are you?
One more month is gone and I've been enjoing doing monthly recap of my blog and Instagram activities. I'm doing it mostly as a follow-up for myself, like a journal in images. Take a moment to look back helps me realize that my life is full of beautiful moments and that time doesn't fly as fast as it seems, and of course, I can share those moments here with you :)
The month of September was a month when my plans didn't meet my reality. My schedules where often far above my forces. I have already explained you this in details in my in my August recap,  long story short, I've been diagnosed with Endometriosis and I've been following a treatment with pills that make me feel like crap most of the day, every day. The worst thing for me is having strong headaches, which has forced me to slow down and cancel a lot of the activities I had in mind, including of course blogging.

Other than that this month has not been that bad. It's been quiet, but quiet is not always bad.

We haven't travelled during September, but I've been to places in my mind! I shared with you some pictures of beautiful places that grey sky and rain couldn't but make it better.

Despite what I am going through, I managed to write a few posts for the blog. I've come up with 6 new nail art designs, created 6 colorful makeup looks, written 4 new reviews including the OPI Iceland Collection which was so much fun swatching. And there is a lot coming up in the next few weeks!

This month's nail related posts:

Nail Art │ Irregular dots on OPI Turn on the Northern lights [26GNAI]
Nail Art │ Minimalist golden stripes [Nail Crazies Unite]
Nail Art │ Simple autumn nails [26GNAI]
Nail Polish │ Born Pretty Store Holographic Magnetic Cat Eye Gel & Soak Off No wipe Topcoat [swatches & review]
Nail Art │ Chevrons & chevrons [Nail Crazies Unite]
Nail Art │ My signature style Stamping over gradient using Born Pretty Store stamping polish [26GNAI]

This month's reviews and beauty posts:


There are always some moments and details I only share on Instagram, especially on Instagram stories, so be sure to follow me there! I shared mainly personal and family moments on Instagram Stories, but I usually also share makeup and skincare tags, food, shopping and random stuff. As I said, September was a quiet month, and I haven't been much out and about, but my children are my sunshines and they also dictate the rythm most times!

What was your month of September like? Were there hard moments? What about the happy ones? Did you travel somewhere? Don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments!!