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I have three items from Born Pretty Store for review that are totally new for me: a UV/LED Soak off gel Base coat and a two One step UV/LED Soak off Gel color polishes. Would you like to see how these items perform? Keep reading then!

Until very recently I had never use UV gel polish, because I'm not very fond of the curing or the removal, and because I like to change my nail colors quite frequently. But, it all started when the Magnetic gel/ Cat Eye gel polishes became popular, I totally fell for them (you can check my review here). I got a very simple and budget LED lamp of 12W to begin with, but I see it would be quicker with a more powerful lamp, so I've already ordered a new one to born Pretty Store, I'm just waiting for it to arrive.
In the meantime there was one thing I was missing, rather three things, if I wanted to give a real chance to UV/LED Gel polish: A good peel off base coat and black and white colours.

For this manicure, I cleaned and sanitized my nails, I primed them and apply a peel-off basecoat from Born Pretty Store. I cured with my 12V Led lamp. Then I applied a coat of the Born Pretty Soak off Gel polish black to three of my nails and white to two of my nails and cured it. the black was perfectly opaque and even with one coat, as you can see in the pictures. The white was not so opaque with one coat, if you want to use it alone you should use two coats. But I was planning to cover it anyway withpearlescentt flakies, once I did that, the result was excellent even with one coat.
I then stamped on top of the white with the flakies using Black Bornt pretty Store Stamping polish and cover it with a coat of  Born Pretty Store no wipe UV/LED Soak off gel Top coat. I cured the topcoat for 60 seconds and I was ready to go!! I wore the manicure for 5 days and it still looked perfect, without any signs of wearing, 5 days later when I decided to take it off.

The UV/LED Soak off gel Base coat  It is very easy to apply, and it goes nicely on the nail. It must be cured with the UV/LED lamp, as it doesn't dry by itself. In my mini 12W lamp it took 2x 90 seconds to be completely cured. It seemed a little long that is why I now ordered a 24W lamp to make things a bit faster. It was also very easy to remove. I soaked my hand in lukewarm water for 5 minutes, then with an orange stick I gently pushed the polished from the cuticles downwards. The polish came out very easily and didn'damageed my nails. So far I am really loving this base coat! I don't really like to soak my hands in acetone with the normal soak-off gel polishes, as my skin is really sensitive and it ruins my cuticles. So I much prefer the peel-off system and this one seems excellent for me!

The Born Pretty Store 10ml Peel Off UV/LED Gel Base Coat  contains 10ml and retails now for 4.29 USD instead of 6.99 USD at Born pretty store but only for a limited time!

The BORN PRETTY Store 5ml One-step UV Gel Polish Soak Off contains 5 ml and comes in 40 differnet colours. I got color number #6004 which is white and the number #6041 which is black. I also got aother colour that I will be showing you soon! Each bottle retails now for 1.79 USD instead of 3.99 USD at Born pretty store

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