Hello, my lovelies!
I can't believe November is almost finished. This year I don't have a wishlist for the Black Friday. This year I have purchased two awesome makeup palettes from Anastasia Beverly Hills, and makeup wise I don't have any lemmings currently, so I will be skipping the Black Friday offers. The mailings are really overwhelming these days, but I've stepped out of the game of buying things just because they're discounted. So today I will be showing you a new edition of of my challenge "Shopping my stash". This month I've been playing with Dior 5 couleurs 876 Trafalgar, which I haven't used in a while. This palette is perfect for "Fall" so I had to include it in this challenge. Check out one of the looks I've created with it :)

Last Spring I cleaned up a bit my makeup collection and ditched lots of stuff that smelled weird, were filthy or broken. I came to the realisation the I had a lot of items (especially high-end stuff) barely used, or NEVER used, still in their original packaging!! Especially the high-end eyeshadow quads and quints: Here take a look!
I know... Those items were needing LOVE a.s.a.p.

I decided to start this new series of posts here on the blog that would allow me to commit to "Shopping my stash", which means going through products I own instead of buying new ones. I have decided that each month I would pick an eyeshadow quad or quint from my collection and use it during the whole month. The month of November I've been playing with Dior 5 couleurs 876 Trafalgar and today I share with you one of the looks I came up with.

Dior 5 couleurs 876 Trafalgar

Dior 5 couleurs 876 Trafalgar was launched in 2014 for Fall and it was one of the first palette having a "red" eyeshadow in it, which made it super special and the reason why I bought it. Three out of the 5 shadows have a satin finish and two of them have iridescent shimmer. The palette is a real beauty and a perfect choice for a sophisticated look. 
This palette was featured in a blogpost where I also showed you my first look created with it here. I haven't used it in a very long time and I thought the combination of warm brown and tan with red would make a perfect Fall look. 
I have used only this palette for most of the month of November (except for the looks I had to do for reviews and challenges here on the blog or Instagram). There is one particular look that I loved so I recreated it to share it with you.

My "Sophisticated" Fall look with Dior Trafalgar


For this look I used / Voici la liste de produits:


I have loved using this palette again, the colours are super soft and have a luxurious texture and even a wash of colour is enough to give a beautiful sophisticated look. This is my favourite look, using a the red on the crease, and lighter colours on the lid.

What about you? Is there any piece of makeup in your beauty case that is not getting enough love? Let me know in the comments!


*The products reviewed have been purchased by me. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.