Hello, lovelies! How are you today?
I'm super happy today!! I am an auntie for the third time!! Yesterday evening we had the long-awaited announcement of the birth of my niece, she's gorgeous and so sweet! She's my sister's first child and she's going well as well. We are so so so happy :D
Well, now the post I had planned for today, lol. Last November my hubby travelled to Dubai and he brought me one absolutely beautiful present, the Desert Dusk palette from Huda Beauty! He asked me "what is one thing you'd like, you better choose something or I will choose for you and I might get you something you already have!" (he is so sweet and generous always!). I thought of this palette, though I don't really need it, but it is so beautiful and I was curious of this brand HUDA beauty that appears all around the internet and I wanted to try it for myself. So, today, I decided to show you a makeup look I created using only this palette and give you my first impressions.

My first impression on the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette

I still haven't tried all the colours in this palette, so I am not really going to do an in-depth review this time. I've only done two makeup looks so far with it so this will be most like a "first impressions" post. I know the internet is flooded with reviews about this famous palette, but if you still want to know my opinion in the future, once I'm more familiar with it, please leave a comment saying so and I will prepare a full review later.The packaging of the palette is very eye-catching and also chic. The cardboard is sturdy and the finish is high quality, it almost doesn't feel like cardboard, at least not like most of my palettes. It doesn't come with a brush, which I don't really mind, but it comes with a decently sized mirror which I actually appreciate.

Talking about the colours, I'd say it is very well composed and balanced in terms of finishes: with matte, satin and shimmery colours. In terms of hues, I would have expected at least two dark shades, maybe a deep brown and/or a black, or it could have been a deep purple. In my opinion, and just by looking at it, this palette lacks dramatically of a dark shade. There is a huge majority of medium shades, a few transition shades, a couple of highlighters and some glittery ones. Some said this is a question of taste, but for me, it is a question of makeup balance.

My first impression as I've used the matte shades, is that they were a bit hard. Not terribly so, but still, not buttery soft. I was used to the very soft formula of Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, which I just slightly touch the tip of my brush against it, you get enough pigment for both your eyes. With this Huda Beauty palette, it is not the case. I noticed I had to work more to make the matte shadows show intensity on my lids (especially Amethyst, the colours I used for today's look). I wasn't disappointed because the colours are really beautiful, but I missed my Modern Renaissance shades.
The shimmers seemed more intense and easier to work with, at least it was the case for "Angelic" and "Nefertiti" the two shades I used for this look.
I want to try this palette a little more, and play with all the colours before writing a whole review, but I can say that the colour selection is very beautiful and there are some really unique shades.

My soft Look for Holidays using Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

How to

For this look, I used Musk and Oud in the crease and outer corner of the eyes. In the centre of the mobile lid, I applied Amethyst and blended it with Angelic towards the inner corner.
In my lower lashline, I used  Oud and  Amethyst, to balance the eye shape. I added a touch of Nefertiti to the inner corner to give luminosity. Finally, I applied lots of mascara.

On the face, I applied a light bronzer and a muted blush, on the lips I used a matte liquid lipstick by  Wetnwild.

Today I'm showing you my very first pictures with artificial lighting (only pictures with my face, the pictures of the palette are taken in natural daylight). Unfortunately, winter makes our days very short, and I cannot always take pictures during the day, so I needed a way to be able to blog after 4pm. These are my first experiences with lighting, so I am still learning. So far I am not very satisfied. I have the impression that the light evens everything out, and that the colours don't show as well as with natural light. If you have some experience with artificial light photos, any advice would be welcome!

Huda Beauty is available in Switzerland at Sephora, I'd recommend testing it before buying it. It is not the most versatile palette, but it is a very nice colour selection!

What do you think of this look? Have you heard of this awesome palette before? Let me know in the comments!


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