Hello, there! It's me again!
Today is a lovely sunny winter day, if it is the case for you too, then you won't mind me talking here about some winter skin pampering, will you? I have recently had the opportunity to discover a Swiss Brand of handmade cosmetics and today I'd like to talk to you of their delicious "peeling cloud".
Kokym is a Swiss brand that creates handmade and cruelty free cosmetics, including soaps, bath bombs, body scrubs and a large choice of custom made perfumes, candles and ambiance fragrances.

I could try one of their body scrubs or "nuage exfoliant" (exfoliant clouds) as they call it. I chose the fragrance Cassis (Blackcurrant), which are in fact 2in1 shower gel and scrub.

The packaging is a very simple transparent plastic cup with a lid, it is recyclable, but not reusable. The content, instead it is far more interesting. I will not lie, I chose the "Cassis" one because of its beautiful bubblegum pink colour! But I kind of regret to have chosen this fragrance because it is very strong, overpowering, and a bit too artificial, it reminds me a bit of cough medicine. Once on the skin, the smell is luckily much less strong and it doesn't last for long. Which I actually appreciate.

The "exfoliating cloud" is cruelty-free, paraben free and handmade.This scrub has a lovely creamy texture, it contains sugar which acts as a mild exfoliant, which is very pleasant on the skin. It is very easy to use, and a spoon of the product is enough for a full cleanse and exfoliation. As I massage the product on the skin, it lathers up a bit foam, so you get a nice cleansing sensation, but after rinsing, the skin feels soft and not dry or tight at all, which is excellent for me!

I must say this product has awakened my curiosity, I love this exfoliant and I would definitely recommend it, just not so much in this particular fragrance, but there are so many other options!! I wish there was one more floral and less fruity.

This exfoliant retails for 21.90 CHF, it contains 350ml which will last you for very, very long time, because you only need a soup spoon for a complete body exfoliation. You can check all the interesting products from Kokym and shop directly from their website www.kokym.ch

Do you like to exfoliate under the shower? which is your favourite exfoliator? Let me know in the comments!