Hello, lovelies! Happy Friday!

I am enjoying my last day in Barcelona with my family, planning to really savour it despite some rain we are having today. We had a very intense day yesterday, we stroll the city up and down, we spent good 12 hours outside, and children kept up with our pace amazingly! So, this morning we are taking it easy, the children are still having a rest and as it is rainy outside, I thought it was a good moment to squeeze some blogging into the schedule and share my latest manicure with you.
I have already prepared a manicure for today's Nail Art Challenge, which is "Things that are round". I wanted to avoid circles and dots, so I opted for a more "abstract design". I hope you like it.

To create my manicure I used the layered stamping technique. I painted my nails with an awesome duo-chrome colour from BeautyBigBang store. Which has an amazing colour shift between teal- purple and green. On my pictures is mostly green the predominant colour, because of the lighting conditions, but in real life, this looks like peacock feathers! Absolutely stunning colour!
For stamping I used black stamping polish from Born Pretty Store, a rose gold from Butter London and MoYou London "Back to the 70's" #03 stamping plate, one oc the designs that looked like bubbles, or simply rounded shapes. This layering stamping is very simple, once my base polish is dry, I stamp on it my desired image first with black, then I stamp again the same image slightly off-centred with the gold shade. This gives the slight illusion of shadows on the shapes, giving them a little depth if that makes sense.

I don't know if the design is really my thing, but I absolutely love the colour scheme. I think the duochrome colour with black and rose gold is absolutely stunning and I will definitely be using this combo again with different designs!

That was it! I hope you like my new manicure. Please, go pay a visit to my challenge mates to see more manicures about "things that are round"!!