Hello Sweeties!
How are you doing today? I hope you all had a wonderful sunny day. I wanted to post here today, to show you my latest purchase on Ali Express, this wonderful zipped case to store my stamping plates collection. Storing stamping plates is an issue only nail artists, nailistas and nail fanatics may have. Not really an issue for "normal people", LOL. But if you, like me, have a large stamping plate collection, you might want to check this out!

A few months ago I purchased some new MoYou London stamping plates and I encountered the problem of not having enough storage space. It all started like this: I first got a few plates which I kept in their original paper sleeves on a corner of my desk. Soon after that, I got a few more, and I decided to get a stamping plate organizer from Born Pretty Store, which was very quickly filled.
Then I got a larger Stamping plate organizer from Bundle Monster, which I really recommend if your collection is less than 48 pieces. This one was very sturdy and has the advantage that you can see 6 plates at once when it's opened, which is great if you are trying to compare designs, choosing what you need or making someone else choose what they want stamped on their nails. I really LOVED that Bundle Monster organizer, so when it was full I bought a second one!
Both of them are full now, and the problem is not only I lack space for new additions to my collection, but also I could not imagine having pulling out three organizers everytime I need to choose a stamping design! I really needed to centralize my collection into ONE place!

Pink Nail Art Stamping Plate Organizer

This Organizer I found in Ali express is not the cheapest, but it is by far the cutest and offers more options for storage.

I love it to pieces! The fabric is made of very resistant waterproof nylon and the making, the finishing details and zipper are of a very good quality. One great advantage this organizer has is it is entirely customizable.

As you can see, the sleeves where you slide the plates into are not built-in the case, but you purchase them separately and you can choose the sizes of the pockets according to the sizes of your plates! there are Small, Medium and Large sleeves.
The Small sleeves have 12 slots each, so if you get 1 bundle you can store 120 small round or square plates (5.7 x 5.4 cm).
The Medium sleeves have 6 slots each, so if you get a bundle (10 sleeves) you can store 60 rectangular plates (7x 12.3 cm)
The large sleeves have 4 slots each, so if you get a bundle (10 sleeves) you can store 40 large rectangular plates (11 x 12.5 cm).
You are totally free to get one or two bundles and vary the sizes you need! I found that simply awesome.

I got 2 bundles of "Medium" inserts, each bundle has 10 inserts with space for 6 plates each. Which means that with 2 bundles I have space for 120 stamping plates of 6cm x 12 cm (standard MoYou London plates). My XL Bundle monster plates also fit in, but not my older Born Pretty Store plates, as those have a larger plastic back.

Not only the Organizer is very versatile and sturdy, it also is light PINK, and has some adorable makeup and nail polish designs on the cover! It also has an extra elastic pocket in the inside, to store other plates or even some tools.

Finally, you should know the Store I got them from, CICI&SISI have a quite surprising variety of acrylic made stamping plates in different sizes with the most original designs. The seller was kind enough to include one of their plates as a gift with purchase (they always do) and I can't wait to try it.

I am super happy with this purchase, I now have all my best plates in ONE PLACE and there is still room for my future additions!

For all my lovely nail stamping fanatics, how do you store your plates?