Jun 15, 2015

Bundle Monster Stamping plates organizer

Hello my lovelies! How have you started the week? 
I am trying to organize all my nail art items lately and looking for solutions to store and organize my stamping plates I ordered the Bundle Monster Stamping plate organizer and I am super happy with it, so I thought I would share my opinion on it with you.

Recently my stamping plates collection exploded and I got plates everywhere! I spend too long trying to find the plate I'm looking for or simply trying to get inspiration from the designs so a plate organizer was a perfect idea for me!

I saw several but I finally settle for the Bundle-monster one because I find it so cool! It is cobalt blue with croco print and can hold up to 48 plates, it is very sturdy and because of its shape and double lid it can stand alone whether it is completely full or half empty, which is great for storing it on my desk or library.

I love the big size and the fact you can see six plates at once, It is perfect for flipping the pages and getting inspired by the designs on the plates, and finding "that plate I'm looking for" it is much easier now!

The material of the cover is solid and the pages are super sturdy, They can hold any plate measuring 6.5cm x 12.5cm max. Unfortunately the Born Pretty Store plates do not fit in this organizer but for those I already got a Born Pretty Plate holder that I have reviewed here. The double fold lid is secured by three press buttons (and quite firmly) so there is no risk the plates could slide out.

I'm so happy that all my rectangle plates are nicely organized! All I need now is a way to store my smaller rounded plates, and then all will be so neat!

Do you collect stamping plates? if yes, how do you organize them? would you consider buying a plate holder like this one? Let me know your thoughts!



  1. I don't own any stamping plate but I live through your blog to admire all the beautiful manicure that you created, Nati! And wow, looks like you have quite the collection!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. thank you shireen! yes I have quite a few ;)

  2. This organizer looks very stylish! I have Born Pretty one.

  3. looks really professionally :)

  4. This looks like a very useful and beautiful stamping plates organizer :-) I have Born Pretty Store stamping plate organizers for round stamping plates (small one and big one that can store 64pcs) and I'm waiting for the last organizer to come, the one that can store rectangular BPS stamping plates (or other brands of rectangular stamping plates) :-)

  5. Anonymous16/6/15 12:50

    Oh how neat! Brilliant invention :-)

  6. O! que buena idea.
    Así se queda todo bien organizado!
    Besos guapa,

  7. this one looks perfect :D
    i don't have that many rectangle plates, but who knows what the future brings ;)

  8. Such a lovely way to keep your plates all neat and tidy! I only have round plates but if I need one of these I think i'd get this :) xx

  9. Urca, ma questo è davvero super fashion! Io al momento ho solo quello piccolino di Born Pretty Store (regalo di Simona), è adorabile e super utile ma, manco a dirlo, non mi è sufficiente!

  10. It the preview I thought your going to show us a clutch and my surprise was even bigger when I read that it is a stamping plate holder. It looks sooo great. This is a stylish organizer!

  11. Such a wonderful way to keep the plates, Love the design and color. Lovely blog here btw! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  12. Hey Nati, this is such a genius idea! I don't own any stamping plates, but I'm guessing the idea is like business cards and business card holders? I am an organization freak. Seeing something like this brings me an enormous sense of joy LOL

  13. You asked how your readers store the smaller round ones, I have the Bundle Monster Nail Stamp Stamping Plate Zippered Synthetic Leather Case Plates Holder Organizer from Amazon, which I love. In fact, I have two! And yes, they're full! So, until I get to where I use the ones I already have a little more regularly, I'm on a no-buy for stamping plates; but I'll definitely keep in mind this storage solution so I can also try the rectangular ones. That was one of the reasons I hadn't tried them yet! http://www.amazon.com/Bundle-Monster-Stamping-Synthetic-Organizer/dp/B008Q0E714/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1434638384&sr=8-8&keywords=nail+stamping+holder


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