Hello, sweeties! Happy Sunday!

Here I am, with a new "Fashion" post to share with you! Today I'd like to chat with you about another piece that I consider a wardrobe staple: The Biker Leather Jacket.  I think it is a basic piece that never goes out of style and gives many styling possibilities, without mentioning that it is very practical during mid-season weather.
Keep reading to find out how I adapt the Biker leather Jacket to my feminine style with a romantic touch.

On my last fashion blogpost I started a small series of "Wardrobe Staples for Spring", talking to you about Trench coats (here). Today, I'd like to talk to you about another rather "classic" fashion piece which is the Biker Leather Jacket. Just as trench coats, short leather jackets, in general, were first used in the 20th Century as military garments. A piece that was built to last, with sturdy confection and durable materials. It was following the WWII that the renowned jacket brand Schott decided to the original design of a leather jacket that resulted in the iconic NYC Perfecto Leather Jacket. As usual, all heavy duty clothing firstly conceived for hard work, end up being staples in modern times!! (think about jeans, leather jackets, trench coats, and the list goes on!). Nowadays, the motorcycle leather jacket comes in a variety of colours, alternative leather materials and shapes to suit everyone's style.

Contrary to what most people think, a Biker's leather jackets do not require to wear a full "biker's look" and there are many variants to it and ways to adapt it to your own style! My style, for instance, is mostly casual, with a feminine, romantic touch. Ha! how on Earth do you style a rather "masculine" piece like this, symbol of rock music, rebellious attitude and biker's world, when you are a smooshy, fluffy peony? LOL I used to believe biker's jacket would never fit my style, but when I saw this Light blue leather by Mango, I thought: that's for me! (it comes also in pink, wink, wink)

My Wardrobe tip: When choosing this leather jacket, I make a choice towards a high-quality fabric and solid manufacture. I chose the light blue colour, because it spoke to my heart. Black is not my colour! But of course, choosing a black jacket (or a brown one) would be very fashion-wise.
Being blue, I am sure this is a piece I can wear with many of my favourite outfits, that is comfortable and that I will want to keep many years!

Today's look is a rather casual-feminine one. I chose to wear below the knee flowy dress with a liberty print. I have no idea if liberty print dresses are in trend now, I just like it, and that's how I measure what I wear!
As you can see, my dress is quite lightweight, it has a cache coeur neckline, which is quite deep, revealing my lingerie (that was totally intended). I don't wear many accessories when I'm dressing casually, so the "highlights" of this look are my Gold nude sneakers and my crossbody blue bag.
The leather jacket was definitely much needed in this chilly beginning of Spring! The dress was far from being warm enough and I am super happy to have bought that light blue jacket!!

In case you were wondering, yes, that's the actual colour of my legs, not wearing stockings or anything. Yes, the golden nude shoes make me look extremely pale, LOL.

I'm so happy that the longer spring days give me the chance to take photographs for outfits post! We are definitely having fun! Next week, we'll spend a few days in Rome so I'll try to shoot an outfit with some interesting background too!

Adapt the clothes to your taste, not the other way round! 

Have a wonderful week,

Biker Leather Jacket from Mango (sold out) similar here
Flowy Liberty Dress from Mexx (old season, similar here)
Blue Lace Bra from Esprit here
Golden Nude Sneakers from Esprit here
Blue Simil Leather crossbody bag from Prüne (old season, similar here)