Hello, sweeties! Happy Sunday!

We are having such beautiful sunny weather! But during the Spring the weather is very unstable here in Switzerland. Rain can happen any minute, mornings are cold and the temperatures rise fast during the day. The best way to brave all those weather changes is having some versatile clothing in your wardrobe and layering them!!

When you have a long day ahead, the Trench Coat is a great ally! It is formal enough for a smart working outfit, but also suitable for a date, or a more casual look, even with jeans. It is one of those clothing staples so versatile during Spring. Today I share with you how I style my Trench coat for a date night after work. I hope you like it!

Last time I posted an outfit I told you I would try to put together a post about "Wardrobe Staples for Spring". Well, I thought to make that a series of posts instead of a single post and today I'm showing you one of my favourite pieces for Spring: The Trench Coat. This kind of coat was invented in the mid 19th century, and it was first used by army men. Original Trench Coats were made of heavy duty waterproof cotton gabardine fabric, which made them durable and resistant to water. As usual, all heavy duty clothing firstly conceived for hard work, end up being staples in modern times!! (think about jeans, leather jackets, trench coats, and the list goes on!).

Nowadays, Trench coats come in a variety of colours, fabrics and shapes. I got mine a few years ago, but I haven't fit in it for a long time (read here why). I personally am not behind every trend out there (as I already explain) so I really preferred to buy a high quality, durable and more "traditional" model for my Trench Coat. I think khaki beige is the typical colour and not quite a fashion-forward choice to be honest. But I like to think of it like a coat that I will keep several years, that will look smart and I will be free to combine with a large range of colours as well!

My Wardrobe tip: When choosing a coat, I make a choice towards a neutral colour, high-quality fabric and solid manufacture. I make sure it is a piece I can wear with many of my outfits, that is comfortable and that I will want to keep many years! I don't mind spending a bit more on this kind of pieces. The way I see it, a coat is like a handbag, a Fashion investment. It is not the same as other wardrobe pieces!! And that is why I consider it a staple ;)

Today's look is a rather elegant one. I chose to wear below the knee wrap leather skirt, because I find it more suitable for the office than a shorter one. But the skirt has a deep slit that is visible when I sit and cross my legs, which I thought would be sexy enough for my date night with the hubby after work. I chose a see through black shirt with ruffle front, that really doesn't reveal much, but I find it elegant and kind of romantic too, which is mainly my style.
I decided to wear the whole with aubergine ankle boots, a brown handbag and of course, my trusty trench coat!
As you can see my trench coat is quite lightweight, it has a light cotton lining and its length to the knee makes it most suitable for Spring weather, easy to carry around when it's a bit too warm during the afternoon!

My outfit posts aren't as frequent as I hoped! We had terrible weather last week and when the sun finally comes out on a weekend, my "photographer" decides to leave on vacation! haha. Quite difficult to have fashion photos without a photographer, right? Well, I wish my "photographer" would take a day off for our photoshoots as easy as he does to take-off to Mallorca with his friends, but I don't seem to be a big priority in his schedule. What can a low-budget blogger do? I keep my fingers crossed to be able to post another outfit soon!

What do you think of the outfit? Are you into buying durable staple pieces that will last many years?

Have a wonderful week,

Trench Coat from Kookai (old season) similar here
See through blouse with ruffles from H&M (here)
Wrap Leather Skirt in camel color (out of stock) Similar here
Leather boots from Esprit (old season) (Similar here)