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I hope you are all doing fine. I had a very busy week so I couldn't prepare a new manicure for you this time. However, I thought to put together a post featuring 10 nail art ideas in Pastel colors! Normally, I don't care much about pastel colours, I'm more of a vibrant colours kind of girl, however, I do like some pastel looks, especially in Spring and especially for Easter! I think they are sweet and they would pair almost with anything. Keep reading to find out!

Light blue, pastel pink and gold

This is a lovely design for Easter! It requires creating a gradient and stamping on top. Find about the materials used  and simple instructions here.

Pastel Thermal nail polish (Changes Colour with temperature!)

This is a fun idea too! You paint your nails with a especial thermal polish that will change colours when your hands are warmer or colder! Then you do whatever nail art you wish on top. In this case I created an Easter themed nail art. Find out more about this special nail polish and how to create this nail art here.

Gradient combining pastel and neon colour
Like the other designs mentioned above, this one requires to create a gradient and stamping on top f it. But in this case, the pastel colors are combined with neon! This is a great idea for people who like a little more peps in their manis. of it. But in this gradient pastel colouFind the details and how to instructions here!

Yellow, Green and Pastel Pink! Good choice for easter!
Pastel colours are basically unsaturated colours, that means nail polish have a high amount of white in them. This makes it super easy to create gradient with colours that would normally not pair well together! Read how to exactly achieve this gradient here.

"Skittles" nail art with pastel colours

Skittles nail art is a technique which consist of painting each nail of a different colour! The result is very sweet and not shocking as the colours are very soft. Find out which colours I used here.

Layered stamping with pastel colours

This is so easy and quick to achieve but it looks like an intricate design! The secret is using two or more layers of stamps with pastel colours! Learn what material I used and how I created this manicure here.

Pastel pink with pastries and sweets nail art

This is a cute idea for easter too! It is more intricate than the other designs but not too difficult! Find out how I created it here.

Stamping Floral nail art over pastel colours

Another design that never fails is a stampig floral one in pastel colours. Find out how to create this one here.

Pastel Florals: Wisterias
This design is easily done with a toothpick! Find out how quick and easy it is to create it here.

Watercolour with pastel colours
This is a twist on watercolour effect given by a special (and super easy) application of nail polish! Find out how you can do this with a few pastel colour and plastic wrap! Instructions HERE.


I hope you like my Selection of Spring manicures! You can find all the related articles with details on products and instructions in the linkup below.

Have a lovely weekend!

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