Hello my lovelies! Happy Saturday!
I'd like to show you a manicure I made using these Zodiac nail water decals  from Born pretty store. I thought it was fun and this is only one possibility as what I could do with them!
The decals are white and come in a large colored sheet. One thing I like is that every zodiac sign comes many times in the sheet so it can serve for doing multiple manicures! Also they are quite discreet so if you're not a fan of overloading your nails with decorations you could use one or two images just to give a quick distinctive touch to your manicure. 

My manicure is very simple and quickly done. I started with my basecoat, applied two coats of my nail polish Moda high shine #227 a metallic blue with silver shimmer. I then sponged the center of each nail with Essence Top of the ice-stream which is a shimmery sheer white and covered with topcoat. I gave it plenty of time to dry. I then removed the plastic protection from the decals sheet and cut out the shapes I wanted to use and put them in a cup with water to soak. When the decals started to peel from the paper by themselves and float (about 15-30 seconds later), I picked them with tweezers and placed them on the nails, I pressed with a cotton pad for a couple of seconds. These are supper tiny images so I advice not to wait for too long soaking in the water otherwise it becomes really difficult to pick them up as they're floating!

I'm not terribly satisfied with the final result as now I think I should have sponged with more colours to make a sort of "galaxy effect", but all in all they're not so bad. I still have plenty of other images in this sheet to try! The  nail Zodiac nail water decals retail for only  2.49 USD at  Born pretty store, and free shipping!
Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase  by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

What do you think of the mani? Do you like this kind of tiny decals for a discreet decoration?
Have a lovely weekend!