Ever since I read Sunny's review on this EdT I got itchy to smell Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noire in its spring version Eau Fraîche  "Ma robe pétales". The moment I passed a Guerlain counter, I was hooked and got this little flacon which I have loved and enjoyed for the past two months. I am in love with it! (and a little obsessed too).

Its fresh and delicate, smells deliciously of citrus and then flowery too but not in an overwelming way. It is fresh enough but also has some slightly deeper notes of musk and patchouli that add that sensual charachter to it. It doesn't amaze me I am so obssessed with it, I love anything with bergamot or orange blossom or freesia!! To me that is the exact scennt of Spring.
I know I suck describing fragrancies, LOL! but if you would like a more professional description don't hesitate to head to Sunny's review.

I think 2015 Guerlain brought Spring in a bottle and I hope they will reedit this for many years, otherwise I will have to start stocking up on this!

That is why reading blogs is so wonderful, I discovered a marvelous perfume that I wouldn't have cared to smell otherwise. Thank you Sunny!

I know spring is almost finished (although have of the world is only going through winter right now ;D) but have you tried or smelled this version of La Petite Robe Noire? Do you have a perfume that smells like Spring for you? I would love to know about it!!