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Today I'd like to talk about Kure Bazaar nail polish colours which are super fashionable, non-toxic and eco-friendly. They have been featured almost everywhere by now and the brand has recently opened its official online store in Switzerland! Evidently, being more easily available I was all kinds of curious to know if they are worth the hype. I finally got to try two colours and a top coat and can give my own opinion about it!

I was super excited when I received the little box containing the three polishes, it looked so chic! Si, chic case ticked ;) But theres a more mportante case that is healthy and eco-friendly. Kure bazaar is a brand conceived by ex-model Kartika Luyet, who was concerned about using and consume non-toxic products during her pregnancy. She developed a nail polish formulation which is 85% from natural origined ingredients based on wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn. Formulation is also 100% Vegan, cruelty free and 4B free (it does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, or synthetic camphor). Isn't it great?

The bottles are very chic and feel heavy and excellent quality thick glass. They have double caps, a square one qhich is removable and a more handy one attached to the brush for better easiness of application, as the best high end brands have. 

Into the colours now! Juicy is a poppy red jelly that is a dream to apply. It is a great quality jelly that reaches its maximum opaqueness in one single coat! But I did two in order to make the manicure last longer. The brush is not wide, but it spreads nicely when applying the product, and Juicy went on beautifully on the nails and dried pretty fast too!
I applied two coats of Juicy and One coat of Final Touch and the manicure lasted perfectly for three days, in the fourth day I could notice a little tip wear and a small chip by the 5th day. 

Urban 14 is an awesome colour. I do not have a dupe for it, but more than that I do not have anything quite close to it! I would describe it as a mango orange creme with that hidden shimmer that only certain high end brands know how to achieve. I'm in love with this shade! Application was a bit more difficult than with Juicy. I started with two very thin coats, and I guess because of the natural formula went a bit streaky so I gave it time to dry and applied a third coat and everything looked smooth and glossy in the end! This one did not dry as fast as Juicy, but I suppose it was due to the number of coats. Three coats plus top coat lasted perfectly for 6 full days with only minimal tip wear!! And I only took it off because I needed to swatch something else. I was so impressed, that made me think I should have applied a third coat to Juicy also to make it last longer, I'll do that next time.

Last but not least there is Final Touch, a clear top coat, which is not fast drying, but gives great gloss and protection to the polish. 

The bar was set up high for these pretties, because having tried dozens of different brands I became very picky and exigent about nail polish shades and formulations. But both colours are gorgeous and super summer-y, and I am very happy with the way the polishes apply and seriously impressed with the durability, they have perform better than many professional brands I've tried. I can't wait to try other colours!

Do you care for natural non-toxic nail polish? Have you heard about Kure Bazaar? Have you already tried any of their polishes? Don't be shy and share your opinion in the comments!



  1. Beautiful colour! I love classic red nail colour.

  2. I was very happy with how they perform too. I really like Urban 14 such a special shade

    1. yes! I need some more colours from this brand now :P

  3. This is great and I love both shades too! I've never tried this but am so going to look it up now.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. It sounds very interesting indeed!

  5. Very nice colors and very interesting products :)

  6. I agree, it's a really nice brand!

  7. They look really nice colours :-)

  8. Mai provato Kure Bazaar... quest'accoppiata di colori è interessante, soprattutto quello shimmer arancione :D

  9. Urban 14 is awesome indeed. Love it on your nails!

  10. Both of these are so incredibly beautiful :)
    Final Touch is a color right up my alley :D

  11. These look beautiful and sound awesome!

  12. Son hermosos!! El que más me gustó es Juicy. Y que sean re veganos suman un montón...besos!!

  13. Bellissimi questi colori...molto estivi!!!! ♥

  14. very beautiful look, but i prefer today red nails ! thanks for nice pictures

  15. Really nice colours, perfect for summer! :-)


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