Hello, my lovelies!
I hope you are having a nice day. Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts and swatches on three fabulous nail polishes from BeautyBigBang store*. These are not regular nail polishes! Both of them are "Chameleon" nail polishes and the third one is a holo nail polish! I show you how these bauties change magically your manicure. I hope you like it!!

BeautyBigbang Chameleon Nail Polishes

Chameleon nail polishes were known long ago (around 2008) as "duochrome" because they used to be able to shift between two (duo) different shades. Well, the new generation of "chameleon" nail polishes are called "multi-chrome" because they shift among several colours, not just two! Their reflection changes under different light conditions and they are so mesmerizing I could spend the whole day watching my nails, lol!
I got two different colours of Chameleon polish (references: J6426TM-3A is magenta/green, J6426TM-1A is dark green/purple). The polishes have a nice formulation easy to work with, they are the right consistency and they are opaque in two coats (which is rare for this kind of polishes, usually they need more coats). They are very easy to apply and remove, they dry fairly fast and are also longlasting once on the nails (I wore them for 6 days and had only one little chip which was entirely my fault). You can see both polishes in action on my pictures!

The BeautyBigbang Chameleon Nail Polishes come in 9ml bottles and you can choose from 10 different colours. They currently retail for 4.90 USD instead of 9.80 USD, this is a great deal, and they are available here and here.

BeautyBigbang Holo Nail Polishes

When BeautyBigBang store contacted me for a collab, I chose two chameleon polishes and a couple of nail art items. But they ended up sending me many other goodies among which there was another nail polish as a surprise! how cool is that?
I am so happy they did because this holographic nail polish is absolutely hypnotizing! The holo effect is almost blinding under the sun! I got the colour 10 which is a pinkish red, absolutely gorgeous!
The code for this polish is J6414TM-10A but you can find more info below. My swatch shows you two easy coats without topcoat.

The BeautyBigbang Shimmer Red Holographic Nail Polish  come in a 8ml bottle that retails for 5.38 USD down from 10.77 and is available here.

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I hope you've liked these polishes, don't hesitate to leave me a comment down below!


* Press sample. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.
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