Happy weekend, lovelies!
Today is going to be a super Saturday! My hubby is taking me to the Open Air Opera concert in Avenches this evening! I am an opera lover and it's been so long since I went to the theatre (or anywhere really) to see one. In fact, this won't be exactly an opéra but a mix of famous opera Airs from different composers, interpreted by some of the greatest opera singers. I'm reeeeeally excited! This Opera festival is so special to me because it takes place in the ancient ruins of one of the Oldest Roman Amphiteatres in Switzerland. The whole city of Avenches is a historic gem and the amphitheatre has a special magic. He reserved places on the bleachers, were we used to go when we were young! The magic of it all is that you can go early and bring your own picnic. Eat your dinner while admiring the sun setting behind the imposing walls of the Amphitheatre. Then, when you think it couldn't get any more romantic, the orchestra starts playing and the most beautiful music invades the atmosphere. The bleachers are the cheapest seats. But I think those are the best! Firstly, these are gradins, not chairs, so you can be very close to your partner, or even cuddling. This is totally impossible in the stalls. You also have a beautiful view of all the amphitheatre and you are not as far from the scene as in the circle, which are more expensive seats. Also, as I mentioned, you can picnic comfortably and you can dress casually, which you can't do when you get seats in the "posh" area. The tickets were hs gift for mother's day and I must say they are the most beautiful present ever! If you want to keep up with us during the visit to Avenches, take a peek at our picnic and to the concert, please, be sure to follow my Instagram Stories!

Well, Into nail art! Today, the Nail Crazies Unite prompted us to create a "galaxy" manicure, so here is what I came up with, I hope you like it!

Creating this manicure was quite easy!

1) I painted my nails with the beautiful navy blue from latest OPI collection.

2) Once my rainbow nails were dry, I created a "nebula" effect using little bits of sponge (that I cut out fro a bigger sponge) dipped in polish colours like light shimmer blue, white and light pink.

3) When I was happy with the sponging effect I added some white dots using a very thin brush, to represent some stars.

4) Finally, I sealed the manicure with clear top coat, and that was it!

These are the products and Items I used:

  • White polish stamping polish MoYou London "White Knight"
  • Nail polishes: OPI "Chills are multiplying" (navy blue), OPI "Suzi chases Portu-geeze" (white), Zoya Rane (shimmery light blue), Zoya Giegie (shimmery light pink)
  • Sponge
  • Nail art brush
  • Topcoate

I did rush a bit this manicure and I'm not so happy with the final result. But I guess that seen from afar it could seem a galaxy manicure, lol!
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Have a lovely Weekend!