Hello, lovelies! How are you today?

It's time for a new edition of my "shopping my stash" challenge!  This month I've been playing with Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow #34 Eclosion, but before we get ther I'd like to share with you something that happened to me today.

Something happened today, that was totally unexpected. I was working at home this morning when someone rang the bell. Let me tell you first, nobody ever rings the bell in the morning. So that was already quite unexpected. But I remembered seeing this morning a truck parked in front of our building because our neighbour on the first floor is moving out. So, I imagined
it could be someone needing to get the garage door opened or something of the sort. I answered the interphone: "who is it?". A man speaking in Swissgerman dialect said something so rapidly I just understood "taxi". I then asked him in French "pardon, c'est qui?". I was thinking, maybe a neighbour called for a taxi and he was ringing to the wrong flat. The man made an effort to say in French "taxi here, waiting for Ms Almada, come down please". This answer disconcerted me. I haven't asked for a taxi. I was in my yoga pants and flipflops, with my hair in a messy bun, trying to have some work dealt with. I wasn't going anywhere and I wasn't READY to go anywhere. So I took the elevator down, ready to explain to this man that I hadn't asked for any taxi, but when the elevator's door open, I was taken by surprise. The taxi driver handed me a bundle of the most beautiful tea roses and, just to be sure, he said "Ms. Almada, right?". I said "yes" with a flabbergasted expression, when I noticed the three men who were charging the truck stopped to watch the scene with curiosity through the wide glass entrance door. I thanked the man and took the elevator back up to my apartment. Looking at the bundle and recognizing the writing of my husband in the card I was feeling all the feelings! I was still surprised, although I had already understood my hubby prepared this beautiful present on a weekday, for no occasion whatsoever, with the only purpose of surprising me. As I opened the door I wanted to laugh and to cry at the same time!

We've been married for nearly 15 years and we have young children. Our lives are busy, like everyone else's lives, we have small and big problems to deal with daily and we got caught in this routine. I suppose everyone with a day job and two young children can relate with this at some point, how the magic of romance slowly trails away. I'd say this is quite normal in a modern couple, but for the past few months, I was suffering from it. I was feeling sad that our lives were deprived of those small moments and details that keep the romance alive. Believe you me, when I am sad, that shows. I am a latino girl and I can't hide my emotions even if I tried. So my husband did this. It completely changed my day, it was unexpectedly beautiful, I laughed and cried at the same time and totally made my day.

What is the last thing you have laughed and cried about?

Well, enough with the chat. Let's get into makeup! As I told you, today I am sharing with you my "Shopping my Stash Challenge" for the month of  June. Let's take a look at the chosen palette and one of the looks I've done with it!

Last Spring I cleaned up a bit my makeup collection and ditched lots of stuff that smelled weird, were filthy or broken. I came to the realisation the I had a lot of items (especially high-end stuff) barely used, or NEVER used, still in their original packaging!! Especially the high-end eyeshadow quads and quints: Here take a look!

I know... Those items were needing LOVE a.s.a.p.

I decided to start this new series of posts here on the blog that would allow me to commit to "Shopping my stash", which means going through products I own instead of buying new ones. I have decided that each month I would pick an eyeshadow quad or quint from my collection and use it during the whole month. The month of May I've been playing with Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow #34 Eclosion and today I share with you one of the looks I came up with.

Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow #34 Eclosion 

Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow #34 Eclosion is one of the Quads which was discontinued in 2014 whe Chanel revamped their whole range of eyeshadow quads. That means I might have got this quad before that date, probably on sale, but for the life of me, I can't remember having bought it! The quad was sitting in my drawer, practically untouched, too old to be given to anyone and two beautiful to be thrown away. So I thought it was the perfect candidate for my makeups in June.

The palette I've chosen to use in June has a dark satin plum, a satin light beige which is almost imperceptible on my skintone, a very luminous peach shade and an ultrashimmery light champagne. I have the impression this quad was unused. This quad has been discontinued, but I'm sure if you like this colours you can find many similar palettes in drugstore as in highend brands.

As usual, I am not trying to encourage you to buy anything with this post, more trying to INSPIRE you to use more what you already have and buy less
This palette is not very versatile, as most of the colours are very pale, but that makes it a great companion for summery everyday looks especially with a stnadout lip colour.

My Plum and Coral Makeup look with Chanel

For this look I used / Voici la liste de produits:

Face/ Visage:

- Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow #34 Eclosion
-  Chanel Le Volume Mascara

-Dermacol 2in1 Longlasting Lip colour in#13 (coral)


I have used this palette for the whole month of June and I have enjoyed it a lot. My favourite looks are the smokey ones because that dark plummy brown shade is simply amazing!.

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*The items shown were purchased by me unless otherwise stated.