Hi, Sweeties! Happy Saturday!
I haven't posted in the past three days, which is quite unusual for me, right? Two important things are happening that explain it. Firstly, I've started a fitness training program this week, which is taking up a lot of my free time, especially the hours I am supposed to be taking pictures for the blog, haha. Secondly, I'm already in a summer vacation mood!  I've been shopping for my children, who grow up like the weed and they don't fit anything from last summer. I've also shopped some swimsuits for myself. I realized I haven't bought a new swimsuit since I was pregnant with my boy (that's 7 summers ago! LOL) So I got three of them. While I've been up to those pleasant tasks I've left the blog a little unattended, I hope you understand.

Today I'd like to share with you my thoughts on a new Facial Mask I've tried and loved! It is The Face Shop "The Solution" Firming Mask*, I tell you more about it after the jump.

Today I am presenting to you the The Face Shop "The Solution" Firming Mask that my husband purchased for me directly from their shop in Toronto (and a whole bunch of other cool stuff he got for me that'll be showing you soon.)

The Face Shop "The Solution" Firming Mask

Claim and instructions

The light-as-air sheet mask is semi-transparent and only 0.21mm thin. It adheres to the skin and facial features softly and snugly.  The essence containing Collagen and wrinkle-reducing Adenosine restores firmness and resilience to sagging skin.

How to:
"Wash your face and apply toner. Remove the sheet from package and remove the film on one side of the sheet. Apply evenly and firmly to the face. REmove the sheet after 10 to 20 minutes and gently pat to promote absorption of the remaining essence."


The Face Shop mask comes in a sealed sturdy pouch that encloses the mask and 20ml of serum. The mask itself comes with a peel-off foil that is kind of rigid and definitely makes it so much easy to unfold and apply the mask. I know this means an extra element for waste, but I really appreciate how quickly I could unfold the mask (without ripping it off) comparing with other brands.
I also like that the packaging has full instructions, ingredients and even some notes on how the ingredients work. Everything is written in English AND French! Thumbs up for that!

Mask shape and application

This is my first time using a mask form this range "the Solution". I have tried other masks from this brand but they weren't as thin and flexible as this one and they didn't come with n extra foil for ease of application. I definitely think these improvements make your masking experience much better. I love the mask shape. It is big enough but not too much that it need to be folded, the mouth hole is small enough and it actually it is perfect so that the mask can have a firming effect around the lips. The tissue is super light, flexible and fits the face perfectly adhering to the skin!


Nothing calls my attention on the list, I don't spot any particular irritant ingredient On the contrary, many of the "good" ingredients, the main being hydrolysed collagen, which will greatly contribute to improving moisturizing, and plump up your skin to diminish wrinkles and give more firmness. There is also Peony root extract and adenosine, which are known for giving firmness to the skin, as well as Grapefruit extract and Hyaluronic acid which will deeply moisturize the skin.

Personal Experience

The package contains a folded sheet mask which bathes in 20ml of serum, which is largely enough for one application.
The essence or serum is quite liquidy and has a transparent milky colour. As I got the mask out of the package, I could unfold it easily and quickly as it comes with a protecting film that avoid the mask to be sticking to itself. As I apply the mask to my face the feeling is very pleasant, not cool or itching at all. I left the mask on for 20 minutes, remove the sheet and massage the remaining essence until it was fully absorbed.
I was so IMPRESSED with the result. Unlike other collagen masks that I have tried, this one definitely made my skin feel and look tighter and my face look younger in general. I have no idea what is the magic in it, because the ingredients sound quite traditional for a Collagen mask, but the effect was visible, I haven't had such a positive result with other Collagen masks! My skin looks definitely tighter and firmer. Ok, my double chin is still there, I'm not expecting a face mask would remove my double chin, ok? But my jawline, my cheeks, and my forehead look so smooth and firm!
I applied the remaining essence (there is still a lot in the package once you use your mask) to my neck and decollete and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with the results.
I'm now looking everywhere for this same mask to repurchase, but the local shops that carry Korean products in Switzerland don't have it in stock! I definitely will add a few more of this masks to the shopping list for the next time my hubby travels abroad because this one is a KEEPER!


I hope this review was useful for you to know a little more about Korean beauty products and brands.
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Have you tried any Korean Beauty product? If so, what's your favourite? Is saggy skin a problem of yours?

Have a wonderful weekend!

*The items reviewed were purchased by me unless otherwise stated.