Hello, my lovelies! How are you doing today?
I am super excited because I have the OPI Grease Collection* 2018 swatches to share with you!! This gorgeous collection was recently released as an homage for the 40th anniversary of the emblematic movie! The colours are a limited edition and will be available for the next 3 months. Are you ready to get a fully GREASED ??? LOL

The Grease Collection by OPI are twelve colour of nail polish, mostly creme shades except for one shimmery grey, one navy blue with shimmer and one pearl pale lavender. The colours of the Grease collection are inspired in the Characters, scenes and colours of the Original 1978 movie: “The Grease characters offer so much inspiration for the colors, such as the Pink Ladies’ jackets, Sandy’s cheerleading outfit, Danny’s leather coat and Frenchie’s magenta ‘do. If you’re a fan of the movie (and who isn’t?!), you’re sure to find many favorites.”The raw, natural leather-like finish brings to mind so many elements of the movie, from the Greasers’ leather jackets to Sandy’s leather ensemble, while giving classic hues of white, black and pink an edgy look. The entire collection is packed with on-trend shades designed to offer the perfect finishing touch to summer’s hottest looks.”

The twelve shades of this collection are available in three formulas: Regular OPI Nail Polish (with black cap), the longlasting Infinite Shine Formula (with Silver cap), and the GelColor formula. I have swatched the twelve colours in the regular nail polish formulation.

Let's start with the swatches, shall we?  I'm showing you all the swatches with two coats of colour (exceptions are mentioned) and without topcoat. Please, remember you can click on the pics to enlarge them:)

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes One vanilla shake, two straws make this color worth sharing. This is such a staple colour for summer, it is white with the slightest hint of grey. I was quite impressed with the application because usually, white nail polish are a difficult to deal with. But this one went smooth as butter, two coats, perfectly smooth. To me, this shade represents a wonderful canvas for nail art! In fact I've already done some nail art on top of it ;) Check it here!

Meet a Boy Cute As Can Be Dazzle your new beau with a hint of buttercup yellow.

The perfect creamy pastel yellow! This colour is great for summer, and spring. I can picture my Easter nail art using this base next year. This yellow needed three thin coats to look perfect, first two coats were streaky on me. But the lacquer levelled out by itself once dry. Please, consider I have really long nails and that may affect the application.

Summer Lovin’ Having a Blast! A dynamite orange to spark a summer romance.
Just WOW! This is definitely one of my favourite from the collection. It applies like a dream, it lasts very long too. I wore it without topcoat for 7 days without chiping. If you're only chosing one summer colour from this collection, this one is a great candidate.

Was It All Just a Dream? Rise and Shine! This turquoise blue is a dream come true.
Hmm, well, sometimes the descriptions can be deceiving, I don't see turquoise, but dusty light blue with a slight hint of green. But however you wish to describe it this colour is to die for! It applied smoothly in two coats.

Teal Me More, Teal Me More OPI is going steady with this real teal blue.
Ok, now just look at that GLOSSYNESS! This lovely green-teal is a tad darker in real life than it shows in my pictures. It was such a pleasure to apply. A wonderful colour for a beach vacation.

Chills Are Multiplying! Ten reasons to coat your nails with this icy blue.
Please, stop what you are doing and look at this beauty! I think this must be the most beautiful blue OPI has ever released (that I know of). This navy blue looks blue in every lighting and has really visible shimmer but so subtle and pretty! If you are a fan of darker colours, this one is a MUST. Two coats were enough for a fully opaque coverage.

Frenchie Likes To Kiss? Ready for a love affair with this alluring lavender?
Here it is another favourite of mine in this collection. This is so freaking elegant! It is the palest lavender but it could be taken for white in certain lighting. however, the finish in this nail polish is so special. It is no shimmery, nor satin, it has such an amazing a pearl sheen it seems your nails are actually made of pearl. This colour is perfect for big occasions, summer weddings and even for summer Brides!

Pink Ladies Rule the School This leader-of-the-pack pink makes the grade.
My favourite shade of pink is not too warm or too cool toned, because my skin has neutral undertones, this pink falls exactly in the perfectly balanced category that will suit everyone. Two beautifully smooth coats and you get perfect coverage and the glossiest finish.

Hopelessly Devoted to OPI Give peach a chance…One of OPI’s newest trendsetting colors.
This peach is soooo lovely! If you don't do green, or blue and you are more the kind of traditional colour girl, this peach is perfect for you! It is summery, subtle, happy and perfect for the office too!

You’re the Shade That I Want Ooh, ooh, ooh. This hot magenta offers plenty of cool shade.
As I applied this colour, my jaw dropped! Oh my sweet gawd... (hyperventilating here) this is the most beautiful hotpink ever. It has a blue undertone that makes it different to any other pink you can find out there.

Tell Me About It Stud This red is a summer lifesaver. Studly-Do-Right to the rescue!
A red colour couldn't be missing in an OPI collection and this to me is the perfect tomato red! This red polish has the best formulation of all in this collection, you know why? Because nobody can beat an OPI red! If you need a red that suits everybody, goes with everything and is the epithome of elegance, go for this one.

Danny & Sandy 4 Ever! Boy meets girl…romantic nights ahead.
I suppose this must be the star of the show, what do you think?
I think this is really lovely, totally unexpected for a summer collection but definitely has so much glam. I find that this kind of blue-grey shades clash agains my skin so that they aren't quite flattering for me. But I can't deny this is quite spectacular.

As you can see, I received the collection in regular formula (those with the black cap). If you've been a follower for a while you know that I absolutely love the regular formula and it is my favourite. The polishes were a dream to apply as usual, they all were smooth, fully opaque in two coats, glossy without topcoat, with the only one exception of Meet a Boy Cute As Can Bethe pale yellow one, which needed three coats to look perfectly smooth (which is of course not a major issue).

All in all, this is a fantastic collection, with so many options, there is something for everyone as usual! What is your favourite here??

Grease Collection by OPI is already available in classic Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine and GelColor formulas for 3 months.

• Find your closest retailer: http://www.opiswiss.ch/wheretobuy
• Recommended price for regular nail polish 15 ml : 19.90 CHF
• Recommended price for Infinite Shine formula 15 ml : 24.90 CHF


* Press sample. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.