Hello, sweeties!
As I was on vacation at the end of July and beginning of August, I couldn't show you my empty products of the month. This time they are very few! That is not weird considering whenever I leave on vacation I usually leave at home the products I am currently using, so I cannot finish them and I buy new products at my destination that I use during vacation but I don't always finish them up, haha, so I suppose next month I'll have a lot of empty ones :)
Let's take a look at the 4 products I've recently finished up, shall we?

My "Empties" post series is consistent with my resolution of committing to consuming more responsibly. Use up the products that I bought before buying new ones, as well as evaluating what I'm using by reviewing it and deciding whether to repurchase or not. By the way, helping you decide on your own purchase.

Le Petit Marseillais Hydrating Milk with Shea butter, Sweet Almond and Argan oil 

I got this body lotion because it is meant for "very dry skin", I used most of it, but I didn't like it a lot. It seems quite rich, but it leaves on the skin a very tacky feeling and it is not as hydrating as my skin needs. After a few hours my skin feels uncomfortably dry again but on the surface, it is still sticky and tacky! I think the reason must be that there is too much liquid paraffine. This mineral ingredient is meant to lock in the moisturizing ingredients, but I suppose the proportion in it it's not right for my own needs. I guess this lotion could work for someone with dry skin but not with VERY dry skin. I will not repurchase this lotion again.

L'Erboristica Coconut Shower Mousse 

I have tried 3 or 4 different Shower gels and shower cleansers from this Italian brand and I LOVE them all. my favourite has to be the one with Argan oil, as it leaves my skin so soft and moisturized. This one with coconut, claims to be moisturizing and, while it is, I find it to be less moisturizing than the Shower gel with Argan Oil from the same brand. However, I LOVE the smell of coconut!! This shower mousse, cleans the skin gently, without drying it out, leaving the skin feeling soft and delicately scented. It does not contain silicones, parabens, dyes, preservatives or petrol derivatives. It is also cruelty-free and produced within a program with low CO2 emissions. It is very moisturizing and smells divine and quite budget friendly! I will definitely repurchase it.

Daylong Sunscreen SPF 50+ Medium protection for sensitive screen 

I discovered this line of Daylong last summer and I was enchanted!
Daylong is a Swiss brand of great quality, and I have always chosen it for protecting my babies skin, especially my daughter who suffers from Atopic dermatitis. For myself, I have changed so many brands and types of sunscreen! It is very difficult to protect my skin because I am allergic to sun. What?! Yes, a long exposition (30 minutes) to the sun will provoke erythema on my skin, which is quite inflamed in my case and it only goes away with a shot of cortisone. No matter what kind or how high it is the protection I use, never mind if I stay all day under a parasol, every year for the past 10 years, I have had this nasty reaction. EXCEPT since I started using this special sunscreen!! I finally got a solution for my sun allergy problem! This Daylong range with a light green cap is specially conceived for people with sensitive skin and tendency to sun allergy.
The light gel-cream Daylong SPF 50+ is very lightweight lotion, that penetrates the skin without leaving traces or white cast, no sticky feeling and it is very efficient as I have been exposed to the sun every day for almost one hour before application and I haven't got any reactions.
This special lightweight sunscreen is not water-resistant (which is the reason why my skin tolerates it fine). I don't practice watersports, but whenever I went to the swimming pool I put on another sunscreen.
I will definitely repurchase this sunscreen, I am very happy with it!

Daylong Face Very High protection sunscreen SPF 50+ 

As I have liked the body sunscreen so much, this year I noticed their range also carries the Face cream (there is also a tinted one, but I prefer the clear one). This is a sebum regulating face cream with SPF 50+, it claims to be a very high protection. It is very lightweight and it penetrates the skin very quickly, without leaving traces, shine or sticky feelings. It also works very nicely under makeup! I really like using it in the city, under my makeup, but when I was on vacation, at the beach, I noticed that my face dark spots got darker even wearing this sunscreen, which was no the case with other high protections I used last year. It is a bummer because I really wanted to like it! I think if you have combination to oily skin but don't have any hyperpigmentation problem, you'll probably like this cream very much!


I hope these mini-reviews have been somehow useful to you. I am happy that I am sticking to my resolution of reviewing the products I use up this year as well.
Do not hesitate to leave me a comment or a question if you need more information or if you have suggestions for me!


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