Hello, sweeties! How are you?

I'm a little late sharing my manicure this week, as I usually post early on Friday or Saturday, but I decided to take it easy this weekend. What was right on time was my menstrual cramps and I am feeling a little tired, hence my delay posting. I didn't want to miss this appointment for the "Nail Crazies Unite" nail art Challenge because this week's theme is Superheroes/Villains nails!! I SO SO WANTED TO DO A WONDER WOMAN NAIL ART!!
In reality I had something more intricated in mind that involved freehand painting, but given the fact that I was feeling under the weather, I did a simpler version. This is how my nails turned out!

Creating this manicure wasn't that difficult, but it needs some special tools like stamping plates with tiny stars and striping tape or stencils for nail art.

1) I painted my nails with a metallic red nail polish, except my ring and thumb's fingernails which I painted with a metallic rose gold.
2) I waited for the gold rose polish to dry COMPLETELY. (This is very important)
3) once my rose gold polish was dry I applied a V- shaped or chevron shaped nail stencil (you can also use striping tape a place two bits forming a "V" shape).
4) I then painted the upper part of the nail with the same metallic red nail polish and the lower part of the nail with a shimmery blue. Before the polish dries I peeled the stencils. Be very quick or your design will be ruined. I advise you to work one nail at the time. I sealed the design with top coat and wait for it to dry.
5) Finally, I stamped some really tiny stars on the blue section using rose gold polish

These are the products and Items I used:

  • A England "Percival" nail polish (metallic red)
  • Butter London "Goss" nail polish (rose gold)
  • OPI Chills are multiplying nail polish (deep blue from the OPI collection "Grease")
  • Stamper and Scraper from BeautyBigBang
  • Winstonia stamping plate #W110 
  • V shaped nail vinyl stencils
  • Topcoat SecheVite

This nail design is dedicated to all my beautiful Wonder Women reading my nonesense!! I hope you've like it. Don't forget to pay a visit to my challenge mates for more "Superhero/villains nail art"! You can find their creations on the list down below!

Have a lovely evening!