Hello, my lovelies! How are you today? How is this Tuesday treating you?
Today I have a new nail art design and a new nail art review to share with you. I prepared a Mermaid manicure to share with you and for creating it I used some really lovely nail art goodies from BeautyBigBang store*. I got a new Silicon Mat, some nail decorations and a stamping plate!

Beauty Bigbang XL Silicone Nail Stamping Mat 

It's been a few years since somebody came with the brilliant idea of creating a silicon mat for nail art purposes. That was genius! Silicon is a material that resists to acetone and most solvents, nail glue doesn't harm it, neither does nail polish (which can be peeled off from it once it's dry! And it is so easy to clean!
The mat is super flexible, with a shiny finish, and I can't begin to tell you how easy is to feel off your DIY nail polish designs! If you don't know what I'm talking about, please, read my tutorial about doing nail decals at home: here.

So, as you see a stamping mat is not only for protecting efficiently your furniture when you paint your nails or your friend's nails, it is also a canvas to create your own fun nail designs!

The XL Silicone Nail Stamping Mat measures 30x40 cm and it retails for 8.87 USD (down from 16.77) and is available here and if you buy one mat, you receive a jelly stamper and scraper as a gift!!

Beauty Bigbang Clear Silicone Nail Stamper & Scraper

This stamper, with a scraper, come as a complimentary gift when you purchase a Silicon mat, but it can also be purchased separately if you prefer!

I've already written wide and long my love for clear stampers, but if you are new here, you can learn what is a clear stamper good for and how to use it here. , you can exactly see where your image is and where are you exactly putting it on your nail. Which opens a whole new universe for nail art, especially double stamping or layering stamping techniques, DIY nail decals, reverse stamping, etc.

The clear stamper from Beautybigbang is completely clear with a silicone head that can be replaced when you want. The silicon is bouncy but not sticky, this is the typical "harder" kind of silicon that you don't press on the plate to pick up the design but you simply roll-over it. And the trick is done! The stamper also comes with a clear flexible scraper (the "credit card" kind of scraper) which I really like.

The Clear Silicone Nail Stamper & Scraper retails for 2.99 USD and is available here.

Beauty Bigbang Summer/Beach Themed Nail Stamping Plate XL-002

I have already introduced to you the great quality of BeautyBigBang stamping plates here, so I am not going to repeat myself. The designs are very well etched and easy to pick up with any of my stampers, I have many different brands and they all work well. Also, the designs are very well proportioned, as the measure 20mmx 15mm, which fits most nail sizes.
The designs in this plate are super fun, they are summer, beach and holiday themed, ideal for this season!! When I saw it I immediately knew I wanted to create a mermaid manicure with it! (click to enlarge and see the designs with detail).

The Stamping plate XL002 retails only for 2.95 USD! (down from 5.91 USD) The plate #002 is available here.

Beauty Bigbang Box of Colorful Rainbow Round Pearls 

I've got all kinds of rhinestones but when I saw this duochrome pearls I had to order them! The pearls in the box come in 4 sizes and two different colours for each size, and they are adorable! 
I knew they would be perfect for my "Mermaid" nails, but I never thought they would be so easy to apply and that they will stay so long on! (I used nail Glue to stick the pearls to my nail art)

The Box of Colorful Rainbow Round Pearls contains approx 50 pieces, it retails for 3.94 USD and is available here.

Beauty Bigbang Aurora Nail Laser Unicorn Powder 

I have reviewed a bunch of these powders in the past here, but those where the kind of "holographic" effect powders. Let me remind you how these pigments work:  first, you apply your (regular or UV) nail polish, let it dry or cure it (whichever applies) and then you rub the pigment on your painted nails using one of those eyeshadows applicators! Then see how your regular polish turns into magical iridescent pearly polish like mine!!

The Aurora Nail Laser Unicorn Powder comes in a container of 0.2g  that retails for 3.25 USD and is available here.

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My mermaid manicure

My Mermaid manicure was actually quite easy to do. I used a peel-off cuticle protector to avoid making a mess. I first applied my lilac nail polish (I used a deeper shade on one finger) and let it dry, when I could touch the surface I rubbed my nails with the unicorn powder that gives a pearlescent effect that it simply GORGEOUS!! .Then I sealed that with a clear top coat and I stamped on top using a gold nail polish, my new plate, stamper and scraper from Beauty Big Bang. Finally, I applied some pearls to my ring finger using nail glue, and that was it!! (the pearls are holding strong after 48h!!)

I am super happy with my mermaid nails! What do you think? Would you wear a manicure like this one?