Hello, sweeties! How are you?
I'm very happy today because I can finally share with you my thoughts on a wonderful product that I have been testing. This is The amazing SUN3 Smart 2.0* a sophisticated and powerful UV/LED Lamp for curing nail gels at home or professionally.
Saying I'm excited to show you this lamp would be an understatement because this little and lightweight tool has actually upgrade my nail game completely!

Doing your gel nails at home

With the growing popularity of the gel nail polishes, more and more people are opting for doing their nails at home rather than going to the salon. The new generation of Gel nail polish allows for an incredible ease of application, and doesn't require a great skill acquisition other than correctly priming your nails and applying carefully, as you would do with regular polish.
Depending on which country you live in, the costs of a nail salon can be very high, and this is one of the reasons to own a good quality and efficient UV/LEd nail lamp at home.
I have thought that owning a small portable lamp would be enough for me, and I have several none of which rises beyond 24W, which is nice to have, but it actually takes me three periods of 60 seconds to cure my nails and even more when the polish is thick.
That's why I decided to test the SUN3 to upgrade my nail game and shorten the curing time, thanks to the higher power of this lamp!

"The 2-in-1 Lamp that allows you to customize power fro 24W to 48W"

The SUNUV SUN3 lamp is a lightweight (445g) nail lamp that allows you to cure your UV Gel nails in seconds at home or in your nail studio. The cabin has 39 LED beads in the inside which generate a maximum power of 48W but that can be customized to a lower power of 24W in preferred.

The UV/LEd Lamp is design for both professional manicurists and amateurs, to cure UV, builder and LED gels.

The lamp has a hidden built in display that is only visible while the lamp is plugged and in use. The lamp has 4 buttons  that allow you to customize both: the duration and the power of the curing lights! The lamp comes with an infrared sensor that automatically triggers the lamp for 120 seconds whenever you place your hand in it.

Features of the Lamp/ How to use

  • Connect the adaptor and plug in (it exists an EU and a US adaptor! be careful to choose your preference when placing an order!)
  • You can set the curing time by pressing one of the four existing timers (10s, 30s, 60s, 99s)
  • If you press the timer button during the cure, the timer will reset.
  • Put your fingers in the cabin, it will trigger the infrared sensor to start the curing process. The default process lasts for 120 seconds.
  • Press one of the timer buttons  (10s, 30s, 60s) for about 2 seconds, this initiates the curing window accordingly. Press again for 2 seconds or press another timer to cancel it.
  • Press the 99s button for 2 seconds, it doubles the power, press again for 2 seconds to cancel it. (Double power works only is 10s, 30s, 60s, and infrared timer are applied). Press the 99s button to initiate the low heat mode.
  • When you press the 10s, 30s or 60s buttons, the timer counts down, but when you press the 99s the timer counts up.

Technical parameters

  • 39 LED beads
  • Maximum power consuption: 48W
  • Lamp input voltage: DC24V/1.5A (Powered by an external adapter, provided)

The  SUNUV SUN3 Smart 2.0 Lamp is available here, it normally retails for 69.99 USD is currently discounted at 40.59 UDS but only for a limited time!

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My experience

I have experience using small, portable UV/LED lamps which are meant only for domestic purposes, so I was very excited to test the SUN3 lamp, because it would be the first time for me using a tool for professional purpose. I will not let you hang in suspense, I can definitely tell you I have LOVED using this lamp and that is definitely the only lamp I am going to reach for from now on!

Easy to use
I find it super easy to use! You can start using it as soon as you receive it, by plugging it with the provided adapter. It is user-friendly, the buttons are properly labelled and the electronic display allows you to have control of the curing time always.

It usually took me 3 periods of 60 or 90 seconds to cure my nails with my small domestic lamps. With SUN3 I only need 10 seconds to cure my basecoat, and about 20 seconds for each colour coat and top coat, which cuts down my usual curing time by three!

Although it is bulkier than my pocket UV lamps, it is definitely lightweight and easily portable!

Aesthetically pleasing
The SUN3 lamp is discreet and pleasing to look at! It sits on my white desk while not in use and it looks definitely much nicer than my red of my hotpink pocket lamps.

Large cabin space
The large cabin space allows you to cure all 5 nails with ease, and also to cure other pieces made with UV gel or a large number of nail sticks !

Bottom line

The SUN3 lamp has definitely upgraded my gel nails game! I used to put off doing gel nails at home because of how long it took to cure them with my old lamps but that is no longer a problem! My friends have another excuse to come home for a chit-chat afternoon doing our nails too. I also decided to giveaway my other lamps which I think I'll never use again.

Do you do gel nails at home? Do you have a friend who does? Do you have questions about this product? Please, do not hesitate to leave me a comment!


*Press sample. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.