Hello, lovelies! Happy Friday!

How was your week? It was such a crazy busy week for me! And still hasn't finished. We've been renewing our furniture and we wanted to change our bed, but we thought to wait until black Friday and profit of some kind of discount or sale, as beds can be really expensive. Unfortunately, our bed had other plans. We had a little mishap on Sunday night, our 15-year-old bed broke (while my husband was laying on it) and our mattress (and the husband) finished abruptly on the floor! We've been sleeping on our sofa bed since then, which demanded some furniture movements (that's a nice way to say "my house is a total disorder now") LOL. This was could have been the perfect occasion for me to tidy up, sort stuff up, declutter a bit and get new stuff (new bed, new closet). But it's taking me more time than I intended. My house still looks like a mess! The husband had a crazy work week and could not help me, the broken bed is unbelievably heavy for me to even move it around, not to mention get it out of my apartment and three floors downstairs to throw it away (given the fact the bed is actually larger than the door and the staircase)... So the broken bed still lays in its original place. I decided not to stress about this and call for a "transition period", but as I'll be hosting a small Halloween party on Saturday (that's actually TOMORROW, but calling it "Saturday" sounds less stressful right now), I'm thinking to just throw the whole mess into one room and close the door. With a key ;) LOL.

Right now I'm at a store trying to buy a new bed, so if you're curious about how this story will end, you can watch my Instagram Stories!

The month of October comes slowly to an end, so it's time to share with you a new edition of my "shopping my stash" challenge. I've been using my very old and beloved Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow #39 Raffinement, which is a rose & plum toned palette that allows for the softest and more elegant eye looks. Shall we take a closer look at it?

I decided to write a series of posts here on the blog that would allow me to commit to "Shopping my stash", which means going through products I own instead of buying new ones. I have decided that each month I would pick an eyeshadow quad or quint from my collection and use it during the whole month. The month of October I've been playing with Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow #39 Raffinement and today I share with you one of the looks I came up with.

Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow #39 Raffinement

Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow #39 Raffinement was part of the Spring Limited Edition collection launched in 2013 called "Printemps Précieux". My husband got me this quad in one of the trips to the US along with some other pieces of the same collection.

This palette is a very everyday-makeup friendly one. All the shades belong to the neutral famiy, there is a very light translucent beige, a medium taupe and a medium beige, both with satiny finish. Finally there is a deep matte plum colour. There is no way you can go overboard with a palette, every look you cna create will be office friendly.

To create a more sophisticated look with a neutral eyeshadow palette, I suggest to pair it with a statement lipstick colour! True red or wine red, like the one I'm wearing.

As usual, I am not trying to encourage you to buy anything with this post, more trying to INSPIRE you to use more what you already have and buy less
This palette is quite safe, office-friendly and it can suit many skin colours so I think it could inspire you to build your own palette too or search similar colours among the makeup you already have at home.

My "Reffinement" Fall Look

For this look I used / Voici la liste de produits:

During October, I have used this Quad almost everyday. It is super wearable, as it goes with every outfit on every occasion and it's also quite flattering! For special looks I just added liquid eyeliner and a statement lipstick colour.
Do you wear neutral eyeshadows like these? Or do you prefer cooler or warmer colours?

Don't hesitate to leave me a comment! 


*The items shown were purchased by me unless otherwise stated.