Hello, lovelies! How are you today? I hope you had a great weekend, mine was quite nice!
Friday night hubby and I went to the theatre to see a very original play based on a comic novella by Georges Perec, written in 1966: "Which Moped with Chrome-plated Handlebars at the Back of the Yard?". We had a good time! It was hilarious and enriching, a neat little masterpiece of word-play, so sparkling of humour and nonsense, mixing the everyday life of the Paris of the day and the literary legacy of the moment. Something totally unprecedentedthat leaves no trace, no moral, written for the pleasure of writing. I am reading the novel now and if you know French I suggest you read the original as well.

Now, it's time for a new manicure! The "Nail Crazies Unite" nail art Challenge prompted us to create "Foliage" themed manicures, so I created this design using red and gold hues. I hope you like it!

Creating this manicure was easy and quite fast. Here are the simple steps I followed:

1) I started painting my nails with two coats of a beautiful deep burgundy/aubergine nail polish with sparkles (sadly discontinued)
2) I then created reverse stamping on two of my fingers using a gold stamping polish and a foliage image found in a Born Pretty Store Plate.
3) then I filled in the images with a sparkling red by OPI (an old colour)
4) Finally, I sealed the pattern with a clear topcoat

These are the products and Items I used:

I hope you've liked my Foliage pattern nail art. Don't forget to pay a visit to my challenge mates for more "Foliage and Trees" inspired manicures! You can find their creations on the link up down below!
Have a lovely week ahead!