As we grow older, the first signs of ageing show on our skin. Find here 7 tips for "ageing gracefully" without medical interventions or injections.

As we grow older, the first signs of ageing show on our skin. Many people don't really care, but some of us would like our skin to look young for the longest possible. Some people opt for chirurgical means to stay young, or medical treatments as injections. I find those quite drastic and, honestly, of unsure results. I personally believe keeping young-ish looks, after 30, 35 or 40 is possible without those interventions. But "Ageing gracefully", as I call it, definitely requires consistency, as it is not achieved miraculously in a day!
Having beautiful young looking skin requires to introduce a few small changes in your lifestyle, but these are definitely simpler than you think!! Keep reading to find out.

Looking youthful is not done overnight. It requires some small lifestyle changes that you need to keep in the long run!

Drink plenty of water

This is rule number one! The best beauty advice you'd ever get. Drinking water helps the body to purge impurities, to keep levels of hydration high. This will not only result in a better more radiant, plump looking skin, but it is also helpful to decongest your pores.
Drinking at least 2 litres per day is a good way to start, that will benefit not only your skin but also your digestive system and your blood circulation, all of which contributes to your general health and well being!

To have a young looking skin, protecting it from harmful sun rays is key!

Protect your skin from the sun like it's your religion

If you wish to have youthful looking skin, you can't zap this rule. Sunscreen must become your best friend, everyday of every season of your life. Don't be fooled by a cloudy day! UV rays come through clouds and are invisible, still, they can cause damage to your skin. UV rays penetrate the skin causing wrinkles, pigmentation spots and they can even cause skin cancer. Exposing your skin unprotected causes damage that may not show immediately but years later. For this reason, it is also necessary to highly protect children's skin. Find more tips about sun protection on my post here.

exfoliating your skin regularly, helps getting rid of dead skin cells and imputirites which gives an instant glow to the skin.


Dead cells and impurities will cumulate on the surface of the skin taking away the glow and clogging the pores. Eliminating those impurities is not difficult and it can be achieved with a simple skincare step: Exfoliation.
There are two types of exfoliation: one is physical (or mechanical) exfoliation, the other is a chemical one. Physical exfoliation consists of scrubbing your skin with actual particles that will free the surface from dead skin cells and other impurities. While this method is still very much used for the body skin,  it is less and less recommended for the face skin. In this case, a chemical exfoliation is preferred. Toners and lotions containing fruit acids and other acids have become increasingly popular to help your skin get rid of undesired impurities. These acids are quite mild, gentle on the skin and will work on the long term so the results will start being visible with the repeated use after a while. That is why it is a good idea to introduce one product containing exfoliating acid in your routine and be consistent. There are two types of acids AHA and BHA, ones are useful for getting rid of dead skin on the surface and the others to actually clean the pores from the inside. There is an acid for every skin type and concern!

with age, our skin tends to be drier! moisturizing once or twice a day is a good idea.

Moisturize and hydrate

As we age skin moisture tends to decrease, so it is a good idea to keep the level of moisture high by using a moisturizer daily. There is a product for every skin type, even oily skin! Still, having all the information and understanding how your skin works and what is your concern is key before deciding which product to use. You will find a thorough and sound analysis done by my friend Anne in her video about dry and dehydrated skin!

Target your skin problem with a specific treatment

Many of our skin concerns respond to genetic disposition, like oily skin, dry skin, acne prone skin, but some conditions aggravate or appear with age! Ageing makes our skin less plumped, wrinkly, saggy, dull, lacking glow, dark spots may appear! Every and all of these issues can be treated with the right product! There is a myriad of serums, essences and oils with very concentrated ingredients that will help your particular problem. Introducing the right serum in your routine can be a total game changer! Find out of different serums with antiageing properties here.

Try diet supplements with collagen

Collagen is a key element of our skin to keep it firm and elastic. As we age, the natural production of collagen decreases drastically, starting at age 30! This causes a drop in elasticity, which makes our skin getting wrinkles. But it also makes us lose skin firmness, causing sagging skin! The lack of collagen makes our facial features change completely with the years. This is a natural and inevitable process, but it can be somewhat mildened or retarded by intaking diet supplements containing collagen. I've talked about my experience with one of these products here. Adding nutrients rich in collagen will not only help your skin but also your articulations!

Exercise regularly

Training regularly will not only help you keep your figure lean, but it will also help you keep your metabolism working at a high rhythm. This is very important for cellular regeneration! A sedentary life drives you to a low metabolism, which ends up decreasing the rhythm with which your cells renew. Cellular regeneration is key also for your skin! Working out will also help keeping your levels of dopamine and endorphins high, those hormones contribute to general well being and feeling of happiness.

Bottom Line

As you see, there are not one miracle solutions, but small changes to your everyday life that will show results in the long run! The keys are consistency and regularity and your skin will look youthful for many years! I hope you've found these tips somewhat useful. lease, don't hesitate to leave me a comment saying what you do to keep your skin looking young.