Hello, sweeties!

How has your weekend been so far? We are spending it indoors, mostly because everyone (except me!) is feeling under the weather, coughing and sneezing. The snowy and rainy weather outside don't call us to do any outdoor activity today, so I'm blogging and cooking while the hubby and the children are binge-playing board games. Not bad for a winter weekend!

Let's talk about nail art now! "When Colors Collide" nail art challenge this week inited us to create manicures in "dark blue, copper and white" and only these colours. I really like the combination between dark blue and copper, I just had to come up with an idea to include white in the mix, so I decided to do an accent nail on my ring finger with a marble design. Keep reading to find out how easy is to recreate this mani!

These nails are so much simpler to do than it seems at first sight! I combined three techniques: stamping, free hand painting and "smoosh" with a stamper.
Here are the steps I followed:
1) I first painted four of my nails with the gorgeous dark blue and one of my nails (ring finger) with off white.
2) Once my base dried completely, I stamped a triangle shape with copper polish. As the stamped image wasn't quite opaque, I painted in it with a small brush and copper polish. If you don't think you can "free-hand" this part, you can use scotch tape, striping tape, vinyl stencils or even liquid latex as a guide.
3) On my accent nail, I created a "marble look" by adding a few drpt of white, blue and copper on a stamper and "smooshing" onto the nail. You can also use a small piece of plastic wrap to do this.
4) Once everythin was dry, I sealed my design with clear topcoat and tadaaa!

These are the products and Items I used:
  • Zoya "Ryan" nail polish (dark blue)
  • Zoya "Autumn" nail polish (copper)
  • Barry M nail polish "Coconut"
  • Beauty Big Bang Double ended nail art brush/dotting tool
  • Beauty Big Bang Stamper
  • MoYou London "Holy Shapes #05" stamping plate
  • Top Coat Seche Vite

I hope you like my "Dark blue, Copper & White " manicure! If you'd like to see more manicures in these colours, please check my recap below! :)

Have a lovely weekend!