Hello, my lovelies!
How has been your weekend so far? It's Carnival here in Biel, so yesterday we went to the children's parade. My children wanted to get dressed as Tangled and Batman respectively, which they did, but it was sooooo cold, windy and rainy, we ended covering them with jackets, beanies and scarves so that their costumes were barely visible, LOL. We froze our damp butts out watching the parade and rushed home as soon as it finished because the rain got more and more intense and we didn't have an umbrella!! Yes, I know, for a South American, a carnival with this weather is not precisely something to write home about! But we had fun, in a certain way, and drinking a hot chocolate when we got home never seemed more rewarding. What about your weekend?

It's time for nail art! Today's manicure features two beautiful polishes from recent OPI Collections and it is very feminine. I hope you like it!

For this manicure, I used a simple stamping technique for a quick and easy result.
Here you are the instructions to recreate this manicure:
1) I painted three of my nails with two coats of purple OPI Grandma kissed a Gauchoand two of my nails (accent nail) with lavender  OPI Don't toot my flute
2) Once dry, I stamped on top of the purple a striped designs with lace using the light lavender colour.
3) I then stamped a fleur de Lys pattern on top of the light lavender, using rose gold
4) Finally, sealed my design with clear top coat.

These are the products and Items I used:

I hope you like my Lavender and rose gold manicure with stripes. 
Have a lovely weekend!


* The product has been gifted to me. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. This article may contain affiliate links.