Hello, sweeties! Happy Sunday! Happy Mother's day!

I hope all moms out there had a wonderful mother's day, I certainly did! You can check my Instagram stories for a few snaps of this lovely family Sunday ;)
Today, I'd like to share with you an outfit idea that may seem very banal, but it is waaaaay out of my comfort zone: a total black outfit. Well, of course, it is not completely black because my accessories are grey! But for a dinner date with the hubby in Rome, I thought it would look quite elegant to dress all in black, without losing my comfy side of course ;) Let's take a closer look to it!

This may sound strange to many of you reading this post but, weirdly, I have very few black clothes in my wardrobe! I know black is the go-to "safe" colour for many people, I personally only seldom wear black and only for formal occasions (well, except a pair of leggings I could wear 24/7 LOL).
In this case, I thought that black would look very chic and elegant enough for a dinner date with the hubby who, contrarily to me, LOVES black and he wears black clothes almost daily.

Although black can make me look very pale (like if I wasn't already pale enough) so I avoid black tops, or I try to combine them with other colours that'll flatter my complexion and make me look a bit more "alive", LOL. Well, in this case, I noticed that the sheer fabric blouse, was way more forgiving than a solid black fabric, as you can see through the colour of my skin and that way the "corps" look I usually get from black is not so terrible!

The spring weather in Rome (and worldwide, really) was very unstable, so I decided to pack only pants and no skirts or dresses that I wasn't sure to wear. We didn't have a car, and we would be either taking public transport or walking, and nothing is more comfortable than pants! So as you can see I don't give up comfort not even for a fancy dinner date with my love ;).

In this case, I wore a pair of black paperbag pants in synthetic crepe fabric, which does not wrinkle! Did I mention I'm in love with paperbag pants? Read this and you'll find out why! But let me tell you why these pants are soooo great for travelling, you can wear them for hours sitting (a.k.a. long distance flights!) and they will always look on point! They don't lose their shape and they don't look crumpled EVER. If you have a fancy event or an important meeting, the last thing you want is to show up looking as you've slept in a container. Choosing the right fabric is very important in those cases!

My Wardrobe tip: 

Black is definitely a colour that will add elegance and simplicity to your outfit! If I had worn the exact same clothes in other colours it wouldn't look so dressy. So if you like to be comfortable in your clothes, like I do, but still want to look elegant enough for a fancy evening, the colour black will instantly transform your look!
Black will match everything and be suitable for almost any occasion (except maybe baby showers, weddings and baptism occasions, when other colours are preferable). The colour black is also flattering for most people, so it is a good idea to have a couple of black pieces in your wardrobe.

Today's look is another comfy-feminine one. I chose a sheer long sleeved blouse because it was quite chilly but the sheer fabric would make it more "dressy" and kind of "sexy" as well. The dots and ruffles of the blouse give that "romantic" touch that I love to add to my outfits.

Note that my pants have also a very long tie belt in the same fabric of the pants, which allows me to tie a bow, I know... but hey! I've been saying my style is more casual with a romantic touch, so there is never too much cuteness you can't add with a bow!

To complete my look I wore a pair of pointy suede ballerinas in grey animal print and a grey faux-leather hand bag.

I loved wearing this outfit in Rome, I felt comfortable and "fancy" as well. I will definitely be wearing a total black outfit again!

What about you? Do you often wear black clothes?

Have a wonderful week,

See through blouse with ruffles from H&M (here)