Nail art for Halloween: Spooky eyes

Hello my dears! How are you doing?
Here I am giving another try to my art nail, and today I bring you a Halloween inspirated mani: Spooky eyes!
I know the eyes I painted turned out kind of friendly, ha ha... but is my very first halloween mani and the second nail art I do ever! so be indulgent when judging ;)
In the picture above I actually like how the rhinestone  reflected on my pinkie nail, quite funny.

For this mani I used:
OPI The World is not Enough (as base)
Essence Eclipse Collection 01.Undead (applied with sponge technique)
Manhattan Pro French tip whitener (for the eyes)
Essence nail jewel (for the eyes)
Konad Top coat
One important thing I've learn today from nail art: do not try to clean your tools while your mani is still wet :P so, for next time I know.

What do you think? Don't be shy and let me know your opinion... I can take it!
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  1. Love those eyes and the sponging too !! Not bad for your 2nd time for nail art :)

    1. Vicky, thank you for your sweet comment! Yeap, I need loads of practice, but, hey! I'm having fun...

  2. I like it! Spoooky! ;)
    Do you know of a web shop which ships Essence internationally?

    1. Hi Jezzica, thanks for your nice comment.
      I'm sorry, don't know any web shop that ships internationally. These are quite inexpensive drugstore brand, so I think it's not worthy to ship int. It's a real pity.

  3. whoa! Seriously awesome, and I am not a nail art lover (I am a boring person who liked a plain layer of polish, sometimes I go crazy with a glitter gradient but that;s it) so it's quite something that I really like this manicure! You have talent!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Crystal. You're refined, classy, anything but boring! I wasn't much into nail art myself, but I thought I could try a little twist without being too much over the top. I'm glad you liked it.


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