Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Hope you had fun!
Ever since the beauty blogger Kelly from the VampyVarnish posted the MAC Glamour Daze for Holiday 2012 Official Info & Photos, I've been wanting to reproduce the nail look the model was wearing. I supposed that it was made using MAC All that glitters and In the limelight. It wasn't in my plans (or budget) to buy those polishes, instead, I've picked Essence 02 Alice had a vision, from the Twilight saga part 2, and Mavala 181 Blue Mint from the Spring-Summer 2012 Delicious collection.

This look requires layering a minty or light blue polish over a dark glitter one, leaving just a very thin uncovered stripe all around your cuticle (hope that was understandable :P). I don't have a very steady hand, as you can see, but I think for this look french guides are not really useful, so it only needs a little more practice and patience, I guess.

The Mavala colour has subtle shimmer, while the MAC polish is a creme, but, I think that doesn't bother the final look, which I happen to like a lot.

So, what do you think about it? Good idea for unusual holiday look or dumb version of ruffian mani we've been seeing too much? I personally like it.


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