The Body Shop Holidays LE Hand cream trio

Hello everyone! How is your weekend going so far? Have you had a nice Saturday? I'm here trying to figured out how the heck I ended up buying these after I said to myself over a hundred times "they're too expensive". Well the fact is I had not less than 2 The Body Shop boutiques in my town, and One of them is place at the very entry of the supermarket where I pick daily my groceries, diaries, etc. And this is too much of a temptation. So I could bare it around 2 weeks, since this limited edition came out, and this is really very long for me. So I enter the shop, and thought, I'll just check out the scents of the hand creams. Then spotted this cute little box with all three LE for Holiday creams, and that was the beginning of the end, LOL!! I was told I could have 20% off when spending a minimum amount, so I picked up also the vanilla lipbalm, which was eventually for free once the discount was applied.

Ginger sparkle, Cranberry Joy, Vanilla Bliss Hand creams

I don't even know where to start to describe the scents. They are awesome, but not so strong that they would become bothering at some point. The Vanilla is just delicious!

Have you picked anything from The Body Shop holiday collection?
Loads of love, and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  1. Anonymous4/11/12 20:09

    Seguro que huelen genial como casi todas las cosas con aroma que tiene la marca :)

    Por cierto, ví tu comentario sobre los esmaltes para estampar. LO he apuntado y dentro de poco haré o un vídeo o un post con los que yo he probado que sirven ;)


    1. siiiiii! Gracias Loquita mía, con tantos comentarios que recibes ni esperaba que hayas visto el mío! qué buenooo, voy a estar esperando (im)pacientemente.

  2. Nati, I HAVE to own these! Oh my god unbelievable, the fact there's a gingerbread hand cream is just too much to think of! And I can say its ok to buy them as I need hand cream during winter lol. I bet you are glad you gave into temptation! Hope you had a great weekend :) xx

    1. Ithfifi, yeah, winter is the great excuse! I don't really regret, lol. they sell this individually also. If you like gingerbread scent, Essence has one winter hand balm much more indulgent with our poor wallets ;)

  3. Me gusta mucho su blog. Yo soy russa, de Moscu. Casi no hablo espanol mas hablo portugues. Aprendi portugues en la Universidad Estatal de Moscu e despues vivi varios anos en Lisboa. Para mim es mui dificil ecrever espanol - yo puedo escrever en Ingles ou Portugues, mas intendo espanol mas ou menos)))

    Se quiser ir ver o meu blog - seja a vontade)

    1. Hi Aioka, thanks for all your nice comments! Feel free to write in your preferred language, I'll manage to understand and Goolger translate will help me ;)
      I'm very happy to have found your blog as well!

    2. Thanks, Natalia! I`m so glad to hear it! Yes, I`ve completely forgotten about google tanslate)))
      I was also very impressed to read some words about your story!
      As for Lippmann varnishes, I`m trying to create a collection of favourites at home:) Love them!
      And my real name is Elena. And your name sounds russian :)


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