Mar 23, 2013

Spring Favourites Clarins Eye revive Beauty Flash


Hello my lovelies! Happy Satudary to you all!
Today I decided I was going to share with you my favourites for this season, as I did for Fall. To start with is one wonderful product I've recently discovered: Clarins Eye revive Beauty Flash.
Believe it or not, this is my very first eye-care product, and not because I wouldn't need one, I've tested several samples (Chanel Ultra correction line repair, Lancôme Absolue Eye, Biotherm Chroma lift yeux,  Estée Lauder Advance night repair cream, and a couple I'm forgeting) and could not find one gentle enough, yet efficient enough for my eyes. Unitl I got this one!I know that it's not new that a girl after her 25th birthday should start taking care of the skin around her eyes, well, I haven't... Now I'm over 30 and it's definitely time to do something about it.
What I like about this product is that gel consistency, so refreshing! This product is to be applied in the morning in the area under your eye, I also apply it on the upper lid, because it is so gentle! It immediately mosturizes the area. After some minutes it also takes away puffiness (believe me I can barely open my eyes in the morning they're so puffy!) And after several weeks using it it has improve the overall appearance of my eye which was very dry. Now I think that even makeup on the eyes looks better than before!
Based on all the eye products I've tested  I can recommend this one for very sensitive eyes. If you have sensitive eyes and you're looking for an eye cream to start with, which is lightweighted, scent free, and for the first signs of age and fatigue, this might be your answer.
Please, let me know what eye cream is your favourite and why!


  1. Salut Nati, I hope you are feeling better!!! Clarins is a great brand and whatever I tried so far from them did not disappoint!!! I honestly don't use any special eye products, I bought my share of them, mind you, but never stuck with the routine. I am end forties and am still rather free of wrinkles or dry skin - I know I am lucky ;-)!!! Take care and tons of Bisous

    1. Salut Christine! I'm so glad you're still reading me :D
      you're lucky indeed not to have wrinkles!!
      I'm probably one not to have wrinkles around my eyes either, as most women of my family. We're mostly the "chubby" kind of face. But my problem is more about dryness and uncomfortable sensation around the eyes. An Puffiness!! So I guess not every eye cream would help me.

  2. Hello!
    I don't use eye cream more than the sample ones I've tried, mostly I think they are too "fat" and I feel too oiled in. Then again my eye area isn't dry and I don't feel puffy around my eyes efter I've slept so maybe I don't need it? wishful thinking?! :D

    1. Hi Gelic! Oh, you're a lucky girl not to have puffy eyes! I agree most creams are too fat, but also kind of itchy. But you are still too young for those kind of creams! You definitely don't need them.

  3. chevere , parace algo que es excelente para usar. Aunque este año me he propuesto hacer en casa mi propios productos, si consigo una creme para los ojos hecha en casa te aviso


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