Hello my dears! It's time for TRI-POLISH CHALLENGE  again!!
I have done my 4 manis for the month of June back in april, when we had awful weather, so my pics are a little dull, and I apologize. But I'm happy I did that in advance, because right now, I do not have time to do nail art! I just paint my nails once per week, and at most use some topper for an accent, and beg for it to last 7 days, lol!

So as you know this challenge allows using 3 colours per month, and all manis for June have to be done with at least two of the following: Pink, purple, red. So here are the polishes I chose to represent my colours: Essie Limited addiction for red, Essence lilac is my style for purple (thank you Christine!) and for pink: Bourjois Peach and love (though they should have called this one "Peach nightmare")..

For this first mani I went with a design I had pin ages ago and I never ened up doing it, until I had the chance for this challegne. It is "mosaic nails" using a gold base and irregulars spots of colour.
This is a very, very simple technique, I first ainted two coats of Essie Beyond cosy, and then applied the colours using the regular polish brush instead of dotting tools because I wanted it to be irregular shaped and not dots. I finished the mani applying a coat of seche vite.

I What do think of the final result? I would love to repeat this with other colours! Let my know your thoughts.
And of course don't forget to pay a visit to the lovely lady's in the challenge listed below!
Love you my sweeties!