The tri-polish challenge day 13 : Mosaic nails

Hello my dears! It's time for TRI-POLISH CHALLENGE  again!!
I have done my 4 manis for the month of June back in april, when we had awful weather, so my pics are a little dull, and I apologize. But I'm happy I did that in advance, because right now, I do not have time to do nail art! I just paint my nails once per week, and at most use some topper for an accent, and beg for it to last 7 days, lol!

So as you know this challenge allows using 3 colours per month, and all manis for June have to be done with at least two of the following: Pink, purple, red. So here are the polishes I chose to represent my colours: Essie Limited addiction for red, Essence lilac is my style for purple (thank you Christine!) and for pink: Bourjois Peach and love (though they should have called this one "Peach nightmare")..

For this first mani I went with a design I had pin ages ago and I never ened up doing it, until I had the chance for this challegne. It is "mosaic nails" using a gold base and irregulars spots of colour.
This is a very, very simple technique, I first ainted two coats of Essie Beyond cosy, and then applied the colours using the regular polish brush instead of dotting tools because I wanted it to be irregular shaped and not dots. I finished the mani applying a coat of seche vite.

I What do think of the final result? I would love to repeat this with other colours! Let my know your thoughts.
And of course don't forget to pay a visit to the lovely lady's in the challenge listed below!
Love you my sweeties!


  1. I'm happy you did this before hand also, because... it's awesome! Love that silver base and I love that it's so simple to achieve! ;)
    Hope you will soon get some free time, Natalia, to relax and have extra time to do your beautiful manis more often back again! **

  2. Anonymous18/6/13 13:09

    It's like animal print meets polka dot meets ombre effect, well done :-)

  3. Anonymous18/6/13 16:15

    I love this! It's simple but not simplistic. :) Great job!

  4. I love it - putting it on a silver base changes it from simple mosaic to gemstones! So pretty. :)

  5. It kind of looks like a jeweled crocodile to me! Which is lovely!

  6. Qué bonito te quedó, buena combinación

  7. I like all three colours, especially Essence lilac :-) Beautiful mosaic! :-)

  8. wow..its so beautiful, it looks like dotted ombre.. :)

  9. This was fun, I haven't seen it before! :D I'd love to see it in blue or green. Must recreate this myself too :)

  10. Salut Nati, I just love this mani, you amaze me again and again with your apparently boundless creativity. I am so sorry to not have commented on your Blog lately but I am just SUPER busy, I am also back at work 100 % and working therapeutic stuff, but I do check your posts, mind you - meanwhile I send you lots of love - Bisous xxx


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