Nov 29, 2013

33DC - Day 30: Same nail art pattern, different colours

Happy Friday my lovelies! I really don't know what we will do this weekend, I did not have time to plan anything and we'll go with the flow. What about you? Any nice ideas or suggestions for the weekend?
Today is day 30 of the 33 Days Challenge, one more week to go and the challenge will be over :(
Oh, there'll certainly be other challenges in the future, but I'm sure I'm not willing to do a 3x per week nail art challenge again.
The prompt for today is same print different colours, and to keep on my favourite pattern I went with
leopard print but this time I freehanded it.

For this manicure I used Essence superheroes 05 wonder wow! man! (what a silly name...) as a base, it is quite fast drying so it's nice as nail art base because I don't need to wait too much. Once dried I painted the leopard spots using NYX ink black liner and a different colour for each finger : Wjcon n. 152 on my thumb, wjcon n. 824 on my index, OPI The show must go on on my middle finger, Claire's no number purple on my ring finger and Catrice Genius in the bottle on my pinkie finger nail. And that was it!
I quite like the "jewel-like" look this pattern has, but I would've preferred it only in one or two accent nails, except the challenge was to do it in different colours, and so I did.
What do you think about it?
Don't forget to pay a visit to my fellow challengers too.

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  1. I'll go with the flow and hopefully get some writing done too.
    I love leopard manis, they can be done in so many different color combinations :)

  2. So beautifull. I love that you made the leopard prints in different colours, so fun and cute. :-)

  3. Quedó muy bello y elegante me gusta el dorado es como un dorado viejo. No sé cómo explicarlo lo llaman en Inglés Old Gold

  4. Very very nice! :-) Leopard print is my favourite animal print, it can be done in many different ways and colours and it always looks good! :-)

  5. Salut Nati, beautiful! I think you found the perfect way to get a skittle without overly busy looking nails. Hope you will enjoy the flow of your weekend :-) Bisous ma belle xxx

  6. Woohoo, more leopard! :-) I love the color in it.


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