Christmas manicures ideas using Born Pretty Store water decals

Hello my lovelies! Could anyone tell me how the heck is already the End of November? Is THAT time of the year, again! It's the time to start the Advent calendars, ginger bread, baking cookies, lighting candles, decorating Christmas Trees, and shopping loooooaaads of presents. What else can you ask for?

Sometimes there's so many things to bare in mind, so many details and so much to do, that you may want to simplify some of it. That's why I think the Christmas theme water decals that I received from Born pretty store for review are genius!

If you still want to sport fun nail art Holidays decoration without the hassle of free handing designs, these decals are perfect for the occasion. The Christmas water decals come in a plastic package containing a sheet with 20 different motives related to the Holidays. I've chosen the green and red one, but there are many designs to choose from.

Applying water decals is the easiest, funniest, quickest and cleanest of all the known nail arts (sic). I first painted my nails using Essence Happy Holidays nail polish duos (more information here) in 01 Light up the tree and 03 Joy to the world and let them dry. I cut out the designs I planned to use and soak them in a bowl of water (check first the water isn't too cold) for about 20 seconds, you'll see the  decals peeled off of the paper. I then placed the decals and positioned them the way I wanted them on the nails. I immediately hold and press a cotton pad to the nail to fix the decal and absorb any remaining water. Be sure to press on it, don't rub it or you may move the decal from the original position. To finish the manicure I sealed the decals with two coats of Poshé topcoat.

The instructions in the package say you need to blow dry with a hair blower once you put topcoat. Well, I haven't done it and I certainly don't recommend it. It's never a good idea to use the hair blower because the hot air may damage the fresh nail polish and ruin the manicure. My manicure was perfect without that step and the decals stayed put for 3 days until I took them off because I wanted to change!
Water decals have to be my favourite nail decoration when I'm in a rush, they are easy, quick, so thin that they're hardly detectable and they are durable (as long as you protect them with 1 or 2 coats of topcoat).

These are available at Born pretty store, remember you can get the 10% off your purchase of anything in store using my code DBL91

Let me know your thoughts about these manis.


  1. Me encantan ambos colores pero ya te lo había comentado, el diseño también es muy bonito.

    1. alla te llega la marca Jordana

    2. Gracias Andrea! Aquí no está la marca Jordana, peor sé de un sitio internet donde puedo conseguirla. Lo único malo es el costo del envío.

    3. cuando pueda te mando si quieres. una o dos botellas ya que son muy gruesas.
      el resto de las cosas si son más pequeñas. Si se lo de gasto de envío lo mismo tengo con la marca Sleek, que en principio es barata pero me he fijado que lo gastos de envio son exorbitantes.

  2. I don't use water decals very often, but they really are an easy way to have a beautiful manicure, when you don't have enough time to dedicate for free hand nail art :-)

    1. No Wonder Tatjana! You create the most wonderful free hand designs! You're right, they're truly timesavers :-)

  3. This was super pretty Nati!! I love everything about it!! Baci! xx


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