Jan 20, 2014

BH Cosmetics San Francisco Palette

I do no hate winter. I just wish it was shorter. Around mid January I start longing for Spring, though this winter has been gentle in Swizerland so far, but I need sunnier and longer days. So today I have a BH Cosmetics palette to show you that to my eye is the perfect spring palette!

This is the San Francisco palette, which has 16 eye shades, matte and shimmery, and 4 face and cheek powders: 2 blushers, a bronzer and a highlighters. The palette has the exact same format than the Hollywood palette I showed you here. In fact both palettes belong to the same California collection.

I have the close-ups and swatches for you (remember you can click to enlarge all the pictures). All swatches are without primer. Firstly the shades on the left wing:

The first lid of eyeshadows has deeper colours, more suitable for evenings or going out. These shades just blew my mind. All very pigmented easy to apply with minimun fall out and great colours! I specially like the second row, every single colour on it is great. They are mostly matte or satin except for the bronze and the charcoal ones, both have subtle shimmer.

Secondly the shades on the right wing:

The shades on the right lid are lighter colours, with a couple of pastel ones. The first row are mauve and lavender shades, with one really shimmery light lavender that looks lovely. The second row screams Spring to me. The two colours in the center, dark teal and a cool green are quite unique! I don'tthink I own anything like that in my collection. The shade on the right, a opalescent pale pink with blue flashes, how cool is that for highlighting?  I was totally impressed, AGAIN.

Lastly the cheek and face shades:

This time the palette comes with a pale vanilla highlighter which I find very flattering. The bronzer is quite sheer and golden, so, I'm not sure how much I will use it. The blushes are exceptionally pigmented one of them is a a bit too dark for my winter complexion, I don't even dare trying it! But maybe next summer if I get a tan! (even a fake one ;) ). 

I'm again surprised with this palette, I really don't get how this can cost so cheap. I've already done a look with this palette that I'll be showing you soon.

What do you think of this palette? Have you already started longing for Spring like me? Do you reach for more "Spring-like" colours lately? Or is it just me?


  1. Salut Nati, you really got me hooked on Palettes! They are just too pretty in their boxes!!! This one has particularly pretty eyeshadows and I am with you, very spring-like! I usually start to long for spring by February - bet we get the snow only then and by then I am certainly over my exitement about winter - oh well.... At least we can paint spring on our faces and nails ;-) bisous ma biche, I hope all is well xxx

    1. Hi sweetie, I know what you mean, so many people is wishing for snow. Well I'm not! and certainly not in March, please, no! LOL!
      I know how cute is the packaging? and they're totally adapted for travelling :)
      bisous ma chère, xxx

  2. I like this one more than the other, specially the left side! I'm probably one of the few people not looking forward to spring/summer haha

    1. Hi Ines, I like more the other one, because is bloder! LOL!
      Let me tell you you're not the only one, around here everyone is wishing for snow, since it hasn't really snowed this winter yet ...

    2. Haha, I see! I'm such a neutral eyes kinda gal, I should get some brighter colours and experiment a little with them.
      No? That's unusual, isn't it? It doesn't snow where I live, I just like the colder temperatures lol

  3. Anonymous21/1/14 16:48

    Oh I am so pleasantly surprised by the color intensity again! The pigmentation is really awesome, especially when you look at how much this palette costs. Thanks for sharing, Nati!

    1. You're welcome Melissa! I think they're pretty and interesting, and may make a great gift for younger gals just starting with makeup :)

  4. Che bella! Però mi piaceva di più quella già postata ^^
    Io spero che questo inverno "peggiori", non ho ancora provato il freddo vero né ho ancora visto neve, quest'anno ^^

    1. Anche a me piace di più l'altra, un po più trasgressiva.
      Hahaha, che l'inverno peggiori! ci sono tanti da queste parte che pregano per la neve, anche mio figlio! dunque ti capisco. Ma io sono una latina e vestire con stivali d'inverno è una delle cose che più mi "pesa" nella vita :P

  5. Me encantó la paleta, y el smokey que te hiciste en el post siguiente también!!! Besotes grandes!


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